Chapter 117

I looked in the direction of where my name was called.

It was a friend of my brother.

Daniel's friend, Kento. 

Uh oh! 

"I didn't know you were the one fighting.. I mean I heard two girls were fighting, I didn't expect it to be you, I didn't even know you'd be here." he said.

I rolled my eyes, he'll definitely tell my brother he saw me here.

"My guy let me speak with you " he said to the bouncer.  The bouncer shook his head, he refused to be talked out of letting Olivia and I stay. 

"There's nothing to tell me, they are not staying "he spat harshly. 

"Guy, no dey speak English, if you don't know, this is Benita not just an ordinary Benita but Benita Modupe." Kento explained. 

The bouncer didn't listen as he still pulled me by the arm.

Kento quickly excused himself, he typed something on

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