Chapter 146

" wasn't it just last week you asked me to transfer some money to you? " 

" ehhn yes, that was last week but this is a new week, try to be nice na considering everything I'm always doing for you, you're not being fair " she yelled. 

" my dad hasn't even sent me money in a while now because he's asking me to go home to see my mom and you know I can't do that...... I don't have much money on me, I've only got little " I yelled back. 

" we both know your definition of little isn't even little at all besides, the money I'm asking for isn't even much " she smacked her gum. 

" and how much are we talking about here? "

" just 25k " she answered quickly. 

Well, Jenny had been quite helpful and was always there for me even when my shitty friends abandoned me. 

" fine " I picked up my phone and quickly did a cash trans

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