Chapter 147


Ella had just sent some information to my email, I was sorting them out because it was part of the contract deal we had just gotten and this is a big hit deal. 

Cora was spending the night here and it was quite sad it was this particular night that I got busy. 

Just then, I heard her screaming... 

No, she wasn't screaming, she was singing... 

"you're my baby "

" you're my sugar "

This girl is a clown, was she trying to get my attention? Well it worked because her voice is terribly horrible. 

" Benita sweetie, can you keep it low? " I begged. 

" this night you're looking nice, I like food and you’re looking lice "

" Babe, he said rice and not lice " I laughed as I took my hand away from the keyboard looking at her. 

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