Chapter 46


"Stella, I think we could work out now," I said out in the midst of our silence,.

She does not responds and I put the ring I had bought inside my mouth.

"Stella, I still love you, I tried to hide it but I am not good at hiding who I am and what I love... I love you, Stella and it has been you in my heart since I met you" I said to her.

"I love you too Terry, I never stopped thinking about you" she replies sitting up as I already was.

Then she leans in and I started kissing her, then I forced the ring that was already in my mouth inside hers and she withdraws and laughed.

"You want to propose to me? Like right now?" She said to me with the ring in her mouth.

"Stella, you better not swallow that ring, I bought it for you, don't mess this up," I said to with a smile.

"Oh my God! If I swallow it then it means that

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