Chapter 45


"I love you too" she replied me.

"Actually I would have said no to a blow job before, but then I watched a movie that_that actually happened, so I decided to try it out," she says to me and I hugged her.

"Well, I loved that you did that to me, but then you became aggressive when I said I would buy Sarah the land, that was funny... I can smell jealousy" I said to her and she takes me to the door.

"Okay, just before I let you go, can we both meet tomorrow since tomorrow is a free day," I said to her and she looks at me for a while.

"Okay, where do you want us to meet?" she asked replying to me,.

"Let us meet at a hotel, Ha! I was joking, let us meet at the beach" I said to her and she rolls her eyes, I used the remote to open the door and she leaves, giving me a brief stare on the face.

"Jackpot!" I heard her say in her thoughts and

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