Chapter 75

It's been hours since Tee left. Tired of staring at the ceiling, I picked up my phone and as usual, I had several missed calls. Scrolling through my call log, I noticed an unknown number dialed a day ago.

'Who could this be?' I muttered as my thumb hovered over the dailer. Curiousity getting the better of me, I dailed the number, hoping it doesn't turn out to be a stalker or someone worse.

After a few rings, the reciever picked.

'Hello?' I said, my voice unnecessarily shaky as I spoke.

'Hello. I didn't think you would call.' A strangely familiar voice filtered through the buzzing static invading my ears.

'Yeah, likewise because I'm not sure who's speaking. I saw your number dialed on my phone and I had to call to know whose number it is.' I answered.

'Ouch. So you didn't save my number afterall.' He replied. 'It's Victor. Victor Storm.'


'Hello?' He

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