How My Life Was Ruined

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How My Life Was Ruined

By: Aescwine CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Kageyama Kage, a boy who wants to die but stuck in the vicious loop of living. A living, walking contradiction. He has a past, a dark history that is not to be revealed at any cost. Hiding or at least trying to hide his demons, he enrolls at Asuka High School in Tokyo where no student knows of his disturbing past. There he meets various people his age carrying similar darkness within their teenage bodies. Just what will happen when he comes across them and will there ever come a day when his past will be revealed? WARNING! MATURE CONTENT! I DON'T OWN THE COVER ART.

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  • Keikoku Daniel


    it is quite an interesting take on relationship l. the main character is a bit cold. It seems a bit gloomy but it has its own charm.

    2022-06-05 21:23:13
  • Aescwine


    This is the author here. To everyone who is checking out this book, I ask you to read the first 32 chapters before deciding whether you want to continue this or drop it.

    2022-05-03 18:08:57
  • Mr_Flash XO


    Too good. Loved it

    2022-03-27 11:39:10
  • MyFirstLoveShin


    nice I like the story...good storyline

    2022-03-01 11:53:39
  • Naoki-Nii


    I believe that this book deserves more recognition, starting from the plot build up, the grammar and just how intricately the writer carves it all up together makes it an amazing read! - Micaol

    2022-08-01 20:56:48
  • Sir_Impeccable


    Cheers to someone with a very cold personality it gave me shivers. Well, plus the cringe but he is exactly what some pick meist girls need. So hurray to a new breed of a man who don’t care jack about pleasing a woman. And oh, they are handsomely attractive so whether or not they cold, girls want em

    2022-06-04 18:57:19
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132 chapters
001: It's time for a story
I was on the rooftop. The cold breeze ruffled my hair. I looked down from the tall building. "I will definitely die if I jump from here, won't I?" There is no way I am going to survive this fall. I slowly inched closer to the edge and stood there. My feet were not trembling. I was not feeling anything at all with the fact that I was about to die in a few minutes. Hmm? Suicide? No, no, no. Don't term what I am about to do with something as petty and cowardly as suicide. What I am doing is a favor to this world by erasing a meaningless and worthless existence. I am removing a corrupt existence from this world. So, be thankful, you guys. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "Let's go." Then I let myself fall freely to the ground. The resistance offered by the wind felt like a gentle pillow to me. It was a soothing feeling. I was falling. I have
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002: New Encounters
"I am Kageyama Kage. I look forward to my time here." I bowed slightly and gave my introduction which earned different reactions from different people. Some people were clapping good-naturedly, some weren't the least bit interested, some girls were squeaking for some reason and some boys were glaring at me, not because of me, but because of the girl's reactions. Ah, the stereotypes. "Kageyama, you will sit on the last seat of the middle row." I slowly made my way towards the seat that the homeroom teacher was pointing to and sat down. There was a boy in front of me and two girls on either side. "Nice to meet ya'. I am Yamamoto Haruto." The boy in front greeted me frivolously. "As I mentioned earlier, I am Kageyama Kage. Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you, Kageyama-kun. I am Nakamura Yui!" The girl on my right followed suit and greeted me. I was about to greet her in response instinctively but managed to hold it in somehow. I just no
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003: The Woman Makes Her Move
The next day in class, the girl on my left had been glancing at me time and again. But whenever I turned to look at her she either averted her gaze or went out of the classroom. If she had some work with me, why not tell me directly? Why was she hesitating like that with me? She had no problem with that senior who was a transfer student just like me. So, what reason does she have to have refrained from approaching me? I couldn't wrap my fingers around it. "Um..." Just as I was thinking that a girl came to a stop in front of my seat. "Yes?" I said as I looked at her. She was one of the girls who had approached me yesterday to talk but I had completely forgotten her name. "You shouldn't get close to...her," she said looking at the seat to my left with disdain in her eyes which was completely understandable. "Why?" I asked acting innocent. Although I could sort of guess what the deal with her was, it will be more beneficial for me to listen to so
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004: Ito Yua - Cold
What the hell was that...? What in the world was that...? My body felt like it was on fire. It was burning. With his every touch, flames like never before were lapping in and around my body. I have never felt this before. I don't know this feeling. It was completely alien to me. What was so different about him? I have done the deed with countless men till now. It was nothing new to me. It should have been nothing new to me. Then...what exactly was what I felt when he touched me, when he kissed me? I wrapped my arms around my body, hugging it. I closed my eyes. I could feel his every touch. And every time, my body shivered. And whenever he touched my neck and ran his fingers down my body the shivering would stop completely. Like my body was fully under his control. That feeling when he rolled his tongue inside my mouth. I resisted at first. But it
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005: I Hate You
The girl on my left, Ito Yua (I finally knew her name), didn't change her actions. She was still looking at me frequently. And whenever I turned to look at her she either averted her gaze, buried her face in her books, or went out of the classroom altogether. But there was a significant difference in the meaning behind her glances. The look she had in her eyes was different from how it used to be. Somehow she looked curious about me. She seemed like she wanted to say something but whenever she made her mind something pulled her back. It was definitely what I had asked her yesterday. Have you ever thought of killing yourself? I shouldn't have said that. But what's said was said. Nothing I could do about it now. The strange atmosphere around her was noticed by people around me as well. Nakamura Yui, looking at Ito, murmured to herself, "I wonder what happened to her?" Then she shot me a look. I pretended I didn't see that and instead kept look
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006: The Embodiment of Contradiction
It had been about a week since I had enrolled in this school. I could say now that I am familiar with the school and the environment. It was Sunday, meaning today was an off day. I was currently living inside the school dorm. According to the dorm rules, stepping outside of the dorm or school was strictly prohibited and the student would be punished if found. However, there was an exception. Every Sunday, from 6 am to 6 pm students were allowed to go outside. It was the month of February meaning the winter was at its peak. I wore black trousers with a black high-neck on top. Since it was really cold outside, I put on a black overcoat that reached almost to my knees. The inner layer of the coat was made of wool making it warm. I also wrapped a muffler around my neck and donned gloves. It was around 8 in the morning. Stepping out of the school premises I let out a small breath. White mist flew in the sky and disappeared as I watched it go higher up.
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007: Definitely not a Damsel in Distress
There were five people in front of me whose appearance was practically screaming that they were 'the' bad guys. Two people had grabbed the girl by her arms. She was struggling but there was no way she could overpower the two boys holding her firmly. The three were surrounding her that prevented me from looking at the girl's facial features. But, well, whatever. "Huh? The hell ya' are?" One of the boys who was nearer to me turned around to look at me with a displeased face. I said nothing as I took a step forward. "Oye. Didn't you hear what he said?" One of the guys who was grabbing the girl's hand released the grip and stood up. With heavy and arrogant steps, he marched towards me. He had a good bit of muscle and looked like he was well experienced in fighting. He also had a small scar on his chin proof that he participated in dangerous fights at least once. He wanted to impose on me but unfortunately for him, he was shorter than me. The scene looked
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008: Darkness attracts Darkness
"Kageyama, have you decided on a club to join?" Right after homeroom ended, Maki asked me. "No." I have not participated in any club before. Yes, I was the go-home club member. I didn't really like the idea of staying behind after school. Even the sheer idea of it was painful for me. "I see. Then, I will give you a tour of the different clubs here. You can check them and decide which club to join." "Is this compulsory?" "Yes." She replied. "Every student here has to be affiliated to at least one club. It's a school rule." "Is there no way around?" I asked, a little hopeful. "No." But she crushed my hopes in an instant. "Got it," I responded, meekly. As she had told me, I waited for Maki to come after school while thinking if there was any way I could avoid all this club and stuff. "Sorry to keep you waiting." She said as she stood next to me which put a stop to my thoughts. "Can't I still do something?"<
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009: I am not ready yet
The school building was big as expected of a school with state-of-the-art facilities. Maki and I left the classroom building and through a passageway connecting the four buildings, we walked a bit and stopped in front of the building just opposite the classroom building. All the buildings were connected by the passageway and were similar in design, color, and everything. Maki and I walked side by side as she gave me the introduction of the different clubs and about what they do. We went room by room slowly. What she explained went in through one ear and went outside through the other immediately without it being registered in my brain. We visited clubs like the science club, literature club, art club, sewing, and handicrafts club, calligraphy and god knows what others. After a very long and exhausting one-hour trip, we had finally made it to the top floor of the building. The top floor of this building was similar to the buildi
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010: Sasaki Maki - A Ticking Timebomb
***Note: Sasaki Maki is the homeroom teacher of Kageyamas' class and the one taking him to tour different clubs.*** I remember what my little sister used to say. That the boy, who she was so fond of, was a sweet and charming person. He always used to smile and was well-liked by people all around him. My little sister was no exception. And I knew deep down that she had already fallen in love with him. She might not have realized it herself though. Thinking about that, I thought how cute it was. I hadn't met him. But she had shown me a photo of him and told me his name. Kageyama Kage. I had wanted to meet him once. I wanted to know for myself what kind of person he was. I wanted to know what kind of person he was to have made my sister fall in love with him. I got my chance to meet him but in the most unexpected and worst circumstance possible. When I met him at that facility, there was not a bit left of the Kageyama Kage that my sister used to talk ab
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