Once Adam slammed into the Arc the first sound that was heard was the cracking and breaking noise of the rest of the wall coming from the right side of the Arc which went from where Adam had stopped creating the Arc due to Malkome and Mirajh's interference to the bottom of the passage, completing the arc.

Next were the two sides of the now completed Arc joining together at the middle and the wall gained liberation from the rest of the building. having received Adam's forward momentum to be pushed off and fall down the outside of the building and giving Adam the chance of escape he had been looking for. However...

"KYA!!" metres behind Malkome screamed and following his scream was a high speed and pitched FWOOSHING sound which evolved instantaneously from the top of the staircase and was heading towards Adam who had just jumped forward and slammed into the wall Arc.

The moment Adam pivoted around to started sprinting for the wall Arc, both Malkome
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