Just as the three of us were in a three way staring contest, another member of the SOVIET ALLIANCE UPRISERS who were amongst those who had guns with live ammunition and had delivered the deciding shot that killed two of the body guards to the delegates and a Dallihand in the process, came to where Boyo was standing, having already collected the uniform passed on to him. It was at that moment this other person took his gun, pointed it at Levy and I and was about to pull the trigger.

"What the—" I exclaimed as my eyes quickly flicked to the sight of the man taking his gun and pointing the nozzle at my face. That moment his slightly moist finger and sweaty palm caused by always having his gun tightly held in his hand, went for the trigger and started to pull on it, it was as if everything began to slow down in my eyes as I could feel my heart beating faster and faster.

All the sound I was hearing around me started to muffle and fade away until the closest sound
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