I rolled and came down from being on top of Levy and opened my eyes to see Boyo holding on to the nozzle of the Upriser's gun.

"Boyo" I uttered.

"I'm putting an end to all the scums of the United States territory. Wasn't that the orders given?" Asked the Upriser with a Soviet accent as he peered into Boyo's eyes, which had so much bloodlust in them the the upriser lost the morale he had when he challenged Boyo and with that, he lost the strength in his arm to hold up the gun.

I for one had never seen Boyo in this type of light before and I was sure that neither had Levy but for some reason, with the way the other Uprisers acted, this commanding behavior from Boyo wasn't something new.

"I'm sorry Sir" the Upriser said before clearing his throat and after establishing his authority, Boyo finally let go, only for the upriser's hand to drop and he, using that momentum, retracted his gun back into its holster because it was a pistol gun.
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