I had called my handler to meet me by a nearby coffee shop and by the time I got there he was already seated, waiting for me. Normally I avoid contact with him because it's always him hounding me about something but this was the first time in a long time that I was the one doing the reaching out.

"Sorry to keep you waiting Nick" I shook his hand then sat down.

"No problem, so, what is the purpose of this unexpected meeting" 

"I want you to tell me everything about the Arc Agents and what the GHA's real objective is" I didn't waste anytime to ask the real questions.

Nick was shocked by the bluntness of my question then tried to deny everything I asked and said in that meeting, gaslighting me most of the time and so it ended up with me not getting any worthwhile information out of him. The meeting took place before I had to go for work so without getting anywhere we ended it and I went to work but I knew that my questions wouldn't stay with Nick but wo

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