"The time they send the fund isn't the problem and it hasn't changed. However, what has changed is when the animals migrate. I know that you've all been going into the hunting zones so you all must have been noticing that the animal movement patterns has become drastically inconsistent nowadays and I got adviced that the animals are very likely to start migration way sooner than expected, which is why the funds won't come before that happens" 

"Really? I won't lie, I have been noticing some strange patterns lately and the animal migration is what really marks the beginning of the festival so arrangements would be a lot different since it's happening a lot sooner" Michelle said, meanwhile, Kevin had already gone back to his seat.

"But instead of going straight with your plan why don't we just ask the government to send the fund a lot sooner to match with when we're setting the new date for the festival? That sounds like a better option rather than drastic
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