Gathered in a particular conference hall were dozens of  men and women, all of different ages, body build and statures. Notably, they were all with hunter riffles and shotguns which felt natural being attached or held somewhere on their body with some even going as far as using their's to support the weight of their upper body as the slouched on their seats, 

They were all seated together as standing right in front of them and on a podium was an older looking gentleman in what appears to be his early fifty's and this man was currently in the process of making an address to all of them but from the looks on his face, he wasn't getting the feedback he had intended when he decided to call for this meeting as he rubbed his eyes with only three finger of one of his hands, denoting fatigue on his part.

Outside the building which this hall was present and only had space for this hall, the text HUNTER'S GUILD CONFERENCE HALL was predominant
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