Chronicle of the Returned King

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Chronicle of the Returned King

By: Qeezah OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The King gets a second chance to save his kingdom from the attacks of the Demons who are allied with the king of the neighboring kingdom. King Alex is a hero who was summoned to a magical fantasy world to fight the demon army that wants to rule the world. Alex and his Hero Party managed to defeat and seal the demon king. Alex finally got the recognition of the people of that world and made him The King. But now unexpectedly, the betrayal of his royal advisor who doesn't like outsider to become king has resulted in total destruction of the kingdom. In the face of death, King Alex begs Goddess Sureya to give him the power to save his kingdom. But the Goddess gave make him go back in time when Alex was first summoned to that world. This time, with the knowledge of the future at his disposal, Alex intends to correct all the mistakes he made in his previous life and save not only his kingdom but the entire fantasy world.

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  • White Specter


    Read it cuz it's on sale ... never regret it, nice story, it's slow paced but in a good way. MC really took his time to prepare and their daily life is so interesting.

    2023-01-13 19:54:56
  • Heroo Bockier


    Alex and his companions are really funny. Who's gonna be the waifu tho? i think most reader will pick Helene, but i think it'll be amusing if Stella become the main Heroine. i mean, it's going to be boring if Alex with the princess again after regression...

    2023-01-13 19:45:11
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167 chapters
“Sir, this way, quick!” one of the guard captains alerted Alex who was still very confused and trying to grasp the situation. Just a moment ago, he was celebrating the anniversary of his arrival to this world in the banquet hall together with his vassals. As he was trying to catch a fresh air in the balcony, he witnessed this hellish scene.“Guard, what happened here? Are we having a fire drill or something? But boy, it sure is a realistic one,” asked Alex nonchalantly, still trying to refuse the fact that his kingdom was under attack.“As you can see, Sir! Out of nowhere, the demon horde suddenly flooded the east gate! Our reports stated that a magical portal was spotted!” replied the guards in a panic state. “To make matters worse, our surveillance guard witnessed the soldiers of Maleo Kingdom marching towards our direction! Judging from their stance, I’m afraid they are hostile!”Before Alex was about to respond, a young man with golden hair and a slightly hunched man joined them i
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Back to the Past
Alex never slept that deep before. The tension which suffocated his body had gone now, replaced by serene sensation. His body felt so light as if he could float away at any moment.In the middle of that blissful state, he reminisced his past before he found himself in Nousant Kingdom. He was just a thirty-something years old nobody, with dead-end job and stuck doing things he was not fond of. His wife left him for his boss who always yelled at him, making him questioned his life. As he was lost in thought, a truck hit the old motorcycle he was riding and before he knew it, he was already surrounded by medieval-looking people.“Man, it would be nice if those things happen again, even if it’s just a dream…” mumbled Alex.It seemed Alex was able to conduct lucid dream, because when he opened his eyes, he saw exactly the scenery which he wanted to watch. The great hall of Nousant Kingdom, King Romeus on his throne, accompanied by his daughter Princess Remina. It was so real that Alex coul
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Reunited With The Sword
“There, now be a good boy and behave!” scolded Helene lightly after she successfully pulled Alex far enough from the hall. “While waiting for the king’s mood to be better, why don’t you have a stroll around? But please, come back before dark. We have a feast coming up. Hopefully you could reconsider your decision by that time.”Alex looked around. Everybody left already as soon as they left the hall. Seemed like everybody was preoccupied with their own agenda.“Yeah, I think I will do that,” agreed Alex, his steps taking him outside the palace.Just after walking through the castle gate, he was welcomed by the bustling atmosphere of the capital. Tough-looking guys lining up in front of the guild, drunkards yelled at each other even though it was still too early to be drunk, old ladies bargained the greens as if their lives depended on it, all was so refreshing. It was hard for Alex to accept the fact that this lively scenery was destroyed in one night by his nemesis.Across the space
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The Village
“Follow me!” commanded Alex leading the way. “This is the shortest route to the village!”Everybody was confused. Why did their appointed leader act like he was already familiar with the topography of this place, even though he was just summoned in this world less than a day ago.“Salieri, cast Prisa on us! We got no time to lose!” ordered Alex without a pause.“Si, Senor! Wait, how did you know my move?” Salieri looked baffled. Nevertheless, he obeyed Alex’s order and played his violin to buff the party, causing them to move faster. “I haven’t told you I’m a Bard!”“Yeah, come to think of it, you guys never gave me a proper introduction,” said Alex. “We will do that on the battlefield later.”It didn’t take long for the party to reach the village. The flames engulfed the village, but judging from the damages, the demons hadn’t been rampaging for long. Alex was relieved to see the course of history had slightly changed.“Alright everyone, listen up! Civilians are our number one priori
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Even before the sun rose, Alex had been standing alone on the middle of the village. He looked around only to find nobody came yet.“Damn, if they knew what I know, surely they wouldn’t be lenient like this,” Alex grumbled.While waiting for the villagers, Alex looked around and saw the remnants of the fallen demons. On his first journey, he was too late in learning that he could use them to power up his equipment. That was one of various factors which made him struggling along the way and suffer significant casualties. But this time it would be different. Using that as a lesson, he was determined to give himself a head start.The roosters started to crow as the villagers started to show up. They were still at a loss of what to do, judging from their empty expressions.“Morning! Though you guys are a bit late, I will overlook that for now! First thing first, feed yourselves! Nothing can be done on empty stomach!” ordered Alex.When the villagers finished cooking and started eating, Al
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The next morning started with a brighter mood. The village looked cleaner than previous day thanks to the villagers who worked hard despite being clueless of what Alex was going to do to them. After they had their breakfast, they marched toward the meeting point. There, they see Alex and his peers were already on their place.“Morning, fellas! I see you’ve been doing a terrific job in executing my commands,” praised Alex. “For that, you have my deepest gratitude. For today, I would like you guys to prepare yourselves in case the demons attacked again.”“But the demons had been expelled already…” responded one of the villagers. He looked like he was in charge of the people there. “I don’t think they will come again anytime soon.”“True, but that was only because me and the gang were around,” replied Alex, countering the chief’s argument. “We are heroes of justice, but you people are not the only ones who need us. We can’t be here forever. It’s about time to stand up for your own good.”
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It was exactly a week since the training regime started. Alex evaluated the situation and decided the time had come for another safety measures.“Folks, you surprised even me with your stunning growth! At this rate, you won’t need anyone’s protection anymore!” acknowledged Alex. “I guess you lot are ready for the next in our plan!”“Before, apart from meals and occasional rests, your days were filled with nothing but scheduled training. From now on, everyone will train only for half a day!” declared Alex, followed by the hoorays of the people who thought their exhausting days were behind them.“Another half of the day will be utilized to reinforce the village and surrounding. I’m talking about making defensive ditches around, pitfalls, and other defense mechanisms!” continued Alex, quickly extinguished the villagers’ joys. The hoorays turned to boos real fast.“Now, now, don’t be like that! This will be useful in the long term, consider this as your future investment,” said Alex, atte
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Demon's Attack
Even before the dawn broke, Horat already left the village. He couldn’t wait to defile Alex’s reputation in front of King Romeus.As soon as he arrived, Horat went to have audience with the king, who had been eager to hear Horat’s report.“Your Majesty, I regret to inform you that the Hero you put great faith on, has abused the authority you’ve granted,” said Horat, beginning his subjective report.“I witnessed the Hero was trying to rival you there, acting like a king. He tyrannically ordered the villagers to commit illegal logging, plundering and pillaging the resources which I am sure without your permission. He even had the gall to enlist the civilians into his wannabe army, forcing them under harsh training. Women and children were exploited as labourers to manufacture the weapon,” exposed Horat. “I suspect he was trying to usurp your throne.”“Outrageous! Aren’t the party members there? Why didn’t anybody stop him?” interrogated King Romeus.“They seemed like they’re under the H
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“Cheers!” yelled the villagers as their wooden mugs clashed. Laughters were heard all around. The vibrant vibes were beautified by a full moon, too. Truly a night worth celebrating. Nobody would have thought that this cheerful village was once about to be ravaged by otherworldly beings before.It was quite a feast they’re having. For this special occasion, simple yet appetizing dishes were served, complemented by homemade beers and wines. Everybody was enjoying this festival which was held to celebrate their victory over the demon horde.“Sir Hero, we apologize for this plain hospitality,” said the village chief to Alex. “Though it may not be much, but we do hope that you at least found our sincerity through our offerings.”“Old man, are you kidding me? This is the best meal I’ve eaten in a while!” praised Alex after gulping an entire bowl of onion soup. “The last time I was about to eat lavishly like this, those damned demons had to come and interrupted my dinner!”Helene who sat bes
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Back to Capital
The citizens flooded the roads when the heroes returned from their mission. They already heard the triumph Alex and his peers achieved through the merchants and travellers coming from the village. That was why they were so enthusiastic to welcome the champions back to the capital.The hero squad and Tristan’s army waved at the crowds, enjoying their minute of fame.But that bright atmosphere suddenly turned gloomy when they arrived at the castle gate. The guards stationed there stopped them and treated them like fugitives.“The king has been waiting for you,” explained the guards abruptly. “Make haste!”“Chill down, Hero. Maybe the news about your exploits hasn’t reached his ears yet,” calmed Tristan down. “Go ahead and have the audience with Your Majesty. There is some paperwork I need to do first.”“No big deal, I’m not obsessed with fame anyway,” replied Alex while leading his party to the throne room. He is prepared to receive any kind of harsh words from King Romeus.As they ente
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