There remaimed only centimeters as the distance between the surface of the chest area on Michael's Nanotech suit and the tips of the hundreds of water spikes being lunched at him and Michael still in the air, with no way to escape the pyramid in time as the tentacles from the base were also reaching upwards to get another attempt at grabbing his feet. 

Also, there wasn't any defensive technique that Michael had in his arsonal which could completely protect his entire body from all the water spikes in time with the speed that they were moving.

With all those factors in mind (The speed of the water spikes, Michael needing to jump up to avoid the water tentacles coming for him from the interior base of the pyramid and then how fast the man dressed in a Black Nanotech suit could generate a full body force field shield) Peter chose the move he did and no matter how erratic he was behaving, when it came to battle (especially attacks) he usually does think rati
South Ashan

Sorry about the last chapter guys, i accidentally published a draft of another book I was working on with my friend. I promise it wasn't my intent and because I didn't publish last month I didn't know until today. Again I'm very sorry for those who paid to unlock a chapter, only to find out that it's not related to this book. If you did read the draft and liked it, my friend has already started publishing here in Goodnovel and the book is titled "DEMONS BATTLE" by Prince. You can go check it out if you want. As for my book, we're in the final Arc so it's most likely that the story ends this month so keep tuned. Also, I'm editing old chapters to make them better and adding new details so if you decide to read again, the story might seem different but don't give it mind.

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