Moments before the Uprisers ran up to Malkome and Mirajh to inform them about the new development on Adam's whereabouts, before the now escaped trainee captain made his way down the hatch and out the building with the help of Mave, Mark and Josh. Going back moments before he even appeared before Mave, while he was still rotating uncontrollably down the building up on the third floor there was a different development of it's own taking place.

After Adam had slammed into the broken off wall and Malkome had sent a part of his hefty weapon flying after him as a targeted projectile, while the young Enhanced captain spun to the ground because the projection of his descent had been altered by Malkome's interference, the section of the weapon which was sent flying towards Adam was now just making it's entry into the next building.

Seeing that he had done what he did, Malkome slid back his thumb on the handle of his weapon which caused it to generate a strange mechani
South Ashan

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