President In A World of Magic

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President In A World of Magic

By: ChadGuy45 OngoingFantasy

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The President of The United States dies in the hands of his own men and reincarnates as one of the weakest being in another fantasy world where his life is always on the line in a body of a hated son of a sword family. "No magic, sword, or force will bring me down in this life... NOTHING!"

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    Hey author, what happened to this book? Did you gave up on writing or

    2024-03-06 18:28:05
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12 chapters
The Price of Power
The darkness enveloped him like a thick, suffocating blanket, smothering all light and hope. All five senses he had when he was alive were gone; he couldn't see, hear, touch, smell, or taste. All he had was his mind. And all he could do was ponder and think about what had happened to him.And even though he had all the time to think about everything he had ever done, only one memory lingered, one that caused his eventual downfall.It all started when he won the Presidential election for the second time. The news reporter's voice filled his mind, "To exceed the father's legacy, President Damon Watts has won the Presidential election again, winning 304 electoral votes and doing what his father could not do."He smiled, turning off the news on his smartphone before opening the car window and waving to his supporters. Armored vehicles filled with secret service agents were put in place to protect him, and his supporters screamed his name even though the sun was brightly shining on them.S
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Damon couldn't believe what he saw upon opening his eyes again. Everywhere he looked, everything seemed unfamiliar, foreign even. And to top it off, there was a full set of armor in his room, along with other items that looked too lavish to be called bedroom decor. He had been into many lavish rooms and houses, and this one easily tops it all.As he stood up, Damon realized something strange - his legs and body were completely healed, despite feeling like he had just been through a brutal beating. To confirm his suspicion, he removed his shirt and inspected his body. Much to his surprise, there wasn't even a hint of a bruise or scratch on his skin. Yet despite this, his body still looked pale and skinny, like a twig that had been withered by the harsh winter winds.But the biggest shock came when he caught sight of his reflection in the mirror. "Holy mother of Lincoln... That's not even me!" he exclaimed in disbelief. His face looked almost a decade younger than he was, and the facial
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One Week
A stick holding the weight of a large boulder. This was what Damon was thinking at that time. It was impossible for a woman that slender to stop a punch that heavy. But if his memory served him right, that wasn't just any woman; that was his sister, Thalia Wyne; she was one of the candidates for inheriting the role of patriarch.For all he knew, she might have been the strongest female that he had ever met.Edmund quickly turned from a tiger to a gentle bulldog, immediately retrieving his punch and lowering his head.He even hid his hand, which was shaking uncontrollably as if he had PTSD from a previous encounter he had with her."Thalia… How can I help you…" Phillip, who was acting like the biggest ass known to a man, suddenly turned into a choirboy in front of her while Edmund remained quiet in front, hiding behind his master with his head lowered.Damon knew that she was powerful from the memories that he had of her lingering in his mind, but to be this feared by her own brother?
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Damon walked closer to the mirror, staring back at him like a scared kid, "Who are you?" He asked."I'm… Damon Wyne." The reflection replied very slowly, struggling to talk without stuttering."That's impossible." He replied, "I am Damon Wyne. What kind of prank are you lot playing? I won't be tricked.""This is no trick… President Damon Watts." The reflection replied.Damon froze, his eyes widened, staring at the reflection, looking threatened by it. "How do you know that name?" He asked."You know mine because you saw my memory, and I see yours too." The reflection said before disappearing from the mirror.Watt's eyebrow raised before he walked towards the now empty mirror, with his reflection non-existent. He knocked on it and even looked at the back of it, but nothing; he couldn't find any trick behind what he had just witnessed.'It must be my imagination…' Watt continued before he turned to his bed to continue packing his clothes, before he jumped back in fright, shocked at what
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"So, is this the Wyneguard mansion?" A girl similar to Damon Wyne's age asked as she exited the carriage and stared at the large building."It's not the main family's one, but it is nearly just as important." Another man said as he walked out of it behind her; he had a beard that was neatly cut and wore an emblem on his clothing, a blue symbol that represented the Magic family of Uldor, which was one of the most powerful families in the continent from their profound magical lineage.The mansion's doors opened wide with maids and butlers walking outside before Philip and Edmund exited, walking towards one of the elders of Uldor, "High Mage, it's a pleasure for you to come here." Philip said as he bowed slightly before walking towards the High Mage Astirix Uldor."Philip Wyne? It's been a long time since we met." Astirix said as he extended his hands toward Damon and shook his hand before the High Mage stopped before looking up at one of the windows feeling as if someone was watching th
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"What?" Philip asked with a shocked expression planted on his face. Meanwhile, Thalia kept quiet, but her widened eyes explained her shock enough.But the ones that were the most startled were the guest, they had always remembered Damon as a kind and meek boy, but now he looked confident and was already cursing in front of the elders."What?" Damon raised his left eyebrow, "I was just asking if any of you were having a good time." He continued pretending never to insult them in front of their faces.'Ahh, it's too late… He is dead,' Wyne thought as he looked at Watts, pretending to be innocent."Oh, I must have misheard then…" Philip said before he continued drinking his wine and shook his head. Everyone else did the same, acting as if Damon didn't say what he said to them.Damon smiled before picking up his fork and eating his steak slowly, knowing that they thought of him as an innocent kid who was too naive to be any worth in a family this prestigious. And therefore, they immediate
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Selling A Lie
Damon had done this while risking his reputation and career a lot, but risking his life, was a whole new level to what he was used to.His reflection had been begging him to ask for forgiveness, but it was too late for that, and if he did that, his bluff would be seen through much too quickly, and his death might be more painful.Philip and Thalia were already closing their eyes to ignore what was going to happen if Damon were to die there and then everything that would happen.But they didn't hear anything, even though they had been waiting for half a minute, not a single word was muttered.Phillip opened his eyes and saw the confused look on Astirix's face as he started inspecting the ring closer.Xandra drew closer to Astirix, "What is it?" She asked, not knowing why her grandfather stopped."That ring… It's strange…." He whispered as he looked at the ring before looking at Damon, still looking confident in the power that the ring held. The high mage then manages to deduce a few th
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Wine & Ropes
Edmund knocked on the door, "Young Master Damon, Phillip has given me a message to give to you." He said.Damon replied as fast as he could, "Sure, just hold on!" He replied while taking the bottle of wine and rope that he had hidden under his blanket and placing it behind the door before opening it.As Damon looked at Edmund's face, it was clear that he wasn't here to talk, "Your brother has been very disappointed with your actions today, and so is your sister. He has sent me, to correct your behavior." He told before cracking his knuckles."And does that correcting include beating me up?" Damon asked, even though he knew the answer."Perhaps," Edmund replied, causing Damon to smile and reach out for the wine bottle that was behind the door.Edmund looked at Damon, wondering what he was reaching for, before he felt his face crash with a glass bottle of wine pouring on his face, "Ahhh!" He shouted; he could feel the shattered glass piercing his skin, causing blood to trickle down his
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Shayla woke up in her small thin bed, 'Weird…' She thought.She had constantly been awoken by the other maids normally, but today, none of them did. As she stared out of her window, she could also see that it was a bit late for her to wake up and do her job, 'So why didn't anyone wake me up?' She thought again before getting up from her bed and quickly changed before exiting her room, where she saw one of the other maids that she worked with frequently scurrying off.She followed her, running towards where the maid ran to as she wanted to find out where she was going and what had happened.As she exited the hall where the maids and the butler usually hung out to get their daily dose of fellowship and news updates, she heard some of them talking, "Have you heard what the youngest master did? I heard he hung Edmund upside down! Can you believe it?""No way, Edmund? He is built like a tree and probably has a strength of a bear.""It's true! I can vouch for it. I saw it happened with my o
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Phillip stood in front of the bed that Edmund was lying on, covered with countless wraps of magical herbs, and despite its undisputable quality, it was still taking time to heal his butler. "It seems that our little brother has broken him beyond anything he has gone through," Thalia said as she walked behind him, looking at Edmund."He will be fine; he just needs a few more days to recover," Phillip replied, looking at the other maids replacing the herbs that were on his body with new and fresh herbs."Maybe. But his mind will be broken, and it will remain that way." She muttered before walking out of the room.Phillip then looked at Edmund again, shaking his head, still couldn't believe what he had seen yesterday, 'What is that ring?' He thought, realizing that this match against his brother, which he had been so confident about defeating, might be more complicated than he first expected.But even though he knew the risk, it made him much more curious; he wanted to know how powerful
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