Inside the training room, once again the Emerged trainees were all going up against a an individual member of the GHA Arc Agents but unlike the day before today, the person they were all going up against wasn't Michael but rather Daniel who because he didn't have anything else better to do, decided to have a little fun by having a fight and maybe pass the time with that as well if they don't come up to the plate and perform below expectation, but, if they do perform well, then it's a win win situation for him either way.

Michael was also there but what he was doing was the work of a bystander, observing how well the Special Class trainees were able to do against someone in Daniel's level because you never know when someone like that or even stronger is going to appear in the enemies team. Although they had to create the Emerged and Enhanced individuals and there currently isn't anyone posing a treat to the United States that they knew of, someone just like Michael who was
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