There were five different colours of balls made out of Michael's force-fields now in their hands which were; Red, blue, green, purple and then black and the number of each ball was equally distributed amongst all the trainees so that each team would have equal number of members. Although, that doesn't mean that each team would have equal power distribution between them because as it has been established, some trainees(either the enhanced or the emerged), were more powerful than some.

"Oh, I got green"... 

"Mine is purple, sweet"... 

"Nice, reds always been my favorite colour. Team Red here I come"... 

"Oh no, we got different colours so we aren't in the same team now" 

All the trainees mumbled amongst themselves before the one who was first to raise his hand and speak up, the opinionated trainee, spoke out yet again.

"So what member of the Special Class category does each colour take us to?" he asked and everyone wh
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