RESURGENT-SYSTEM: Survive the Beasts

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RESURGENT-SYSTEM: Survive the Beasts

By: EJS OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Following planetary disruption, three factions based on virtues were formed by people who awakened with special powers. Forming alliance, they exploited the common people, and ruled over Lysbia. These factions were superior to the commonality living outside the capitol hill and they governed the entire Lysbia from the capitol hill, where they withheld the wealth of Lysbia to themselves, suppressing the rights of its vulgar citizens and regulating population through financial restraint and starvation, thereby enforcing a survival game. Ethan Hills, a commoner, lost his job and about to be homeless based on an act of betrayal by the people he trusted. And having no hopes of surviving in the dystopian society, during the night, a system activated in his head, granting him multiple powers if he accomplishes every task it presented before him and level up. He quickly discovered that the majority of his task, brought forth by this resurgent system, revolved around the confines of the Capitol Hill. While undertaking his quest to reach Capitol Hill, Ethan becomes aware of the intricate oppression that governs the territory, extending its influence over the surrounding population. To establish harmony and fairness, he must harmonize with the existing system while maintaining a strong bond with his loyal companion, Isabell Wells, where what seems to be a hopeless situation soon turned out to be an adventurous moment to witness. "System activated! capacity optimal, user friendly." ...[Installation process initializing...] The moment has come for Ethan to ascend and make his decisive choice.

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49 chapters
Resurgent Activated
"Ahhhhhh! [Agonizing cries of pain]" ...the claws of biosynthetic beasts pierced through the hearts and joints of the populace as they fled into hiding. [Greenway, East of Washington descends into panic] ...people vanishing without a trace, leaving behind only fragments of torn clothing and pools of blood.Earth's terrain has become a wasteland after a planetesimals fall which ruined the entire nation, leaving only a remnant untouched, no other than Lysbia. Lysbia is now a world split into two groups following the planetory disruption which introduced the emergence of people who awakened with special powers, distinguishing them from the populace. Within Lysbia, a capitol hill was built to inhabit the factions composed of those who passed the awakening process. Meanwhile, outside the confines of the capitol hill which dwelt the populace, Ethan Hills dragged his feet wearily, each step heavy with reluctance, as he approached the two story building where he had only a one room apartme
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Ethan became frantic, his mind drifted to think he was becoming insane and with surmises of one who is dreaming and needs to wake up, his inquisitiveness drove him mad the more, "What task exactly are you talking about and I think you should leave me alone right now, I'm already having a bad week, you adding a death sentence to it is making it worse! Gosh! I need to wake up, I feel this isn't real." Ethan stormed not minding the fact that his voice was going to disturb the neighborhood. He grabbed his head and stepped backwards to sit on his bed frustratingly.KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! "Ethan, open up. Is everything okay? Are you alright?" Sissy asked audibly as she knocked on his door and waited for a response from him. Ethan sighed his frustrations out, "I'm fine Sissy, what time is it?" He asked still seated on his bed. "It's 8:27 a.m. Ethan. Come on, open up. Don't tell me you are fine because we all heard your voice out loud and you also repeated having a bad time like you did last
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Task 01 mission impossible
It all appeared in a blue transparent screen before his eyes, outwardly. He could see it all and at the same time, view his external environment as at when it all popped up. Nothing that was shown to Ethan was of interest to him except his financial status, which prompted him to ask, "Is there anything about me you do not know, Terra? For crying out loud, that's my bank account balance right there. F*ck this system is real. Tell me, Terra, what do I do to have more cash? Bring up the task already!" Ethan exclaimed with an inaudible rattling voice and a shrugging gesture feeling impatient already. Ding!!! ...Task list opens...)- Steal a diamond necklace from the auction holding in San Diago hub at 9:30 a.m. today without being caught. - Kill Mr. Stankovic with just one bullet and leave with a brown briefcase in his golden locker, room 32 pyramid castle, and leave without a fight. ...Dong! Task list closes..) "No way! I don't steal and there's no way I am killing anybody." Ethan w
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You Earned It
"Wow wow wow! Is that real? Is this a joke?" Ethan exclaimed partly excited, partly jittered, losing his composure the moment he saw the funds which was actually what he checked before the UI of Interactive blue transparent displayed screen vanished. Terranova: "you earned it, Ethan. And please comport yourself, you're beginning to draw attention." Ethan looked around and observed a good number of people chattering and staring right at him, he quickly waved at an incoming taxi and at the same time, took out his cellphone and checked his bank account balance to be sure. "Yes! O my gosh!" Ethan exclaimed enthusiastically clenching the fist of his left hand to express how happy he was as he entered the taxi. "Where to? Dickhead." The taxi driver asked after waiting and wondering why he wouldn't tell him his destination a couple of minutes after he had entered his taxi. "Deer Creek Diner, please." Ethan said not minding the name the guy just called him. At this point, nothing could c
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Activating combat mode
Ethan's eyes dilated and his heart throbbed as he thought of his two friends whilst she was talking."...there is no need for you to go in and you should be thinking of joining us in gathering the crop produce from all six districts, Ethan. At least you are going to stand a chance of feeding more better than the others here because you are working for the government. Besides my mom is part of the governing body of Lysbia, we therefore have immunity, though not because she is a parrhesia-dauntless but that we are playing a major role in the food business." She gasped after she was done talking, believing she has convinced him enough with such detailed explanation. "What about the little children they promised to take into the capitol hill should they be able to pass the awakening process? Or are you trying to tell me that the test they promised they were going to run in D.C. united was all a lie?" He asked with a puzzled look on his face. "Look, Ethan, believe it or not, but then, wh
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Updating task list
"Ethan! Nooooo!!!" From afar, Sissy's voice pierced the air with agony, even as the surrounding darkness deepened with each passing minute. Everyone's eyes remained fixed on Ethan, undeterred by the fading light because they could not believe he could even do what he did prior to when he fell. Whilst the beast was still shaking itself, the system rebooted within seconds,[Initializing repair mood][Troubleshooting...] Ethan's flesh closed up immediately and the injury faded in a way that it was as though he never had even a scratch, though bloodstains from previous injury remained. [Destructive sequence activated] [Becoming malevolent] Ethan got up immediately with a ferocious speed coupled with furiousness, and went and grabbed the tail of the biosynthetic killer beast even as it kept struggling to be free from Ethan's grip to no avail. With lightning-fast agility and an intense determination, Ethan sprang to his feet, being ferocious and furious, he swiftly seized the tail of t
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Bullet to the Brain
"W-What!!! No... There's no way I'm going to talk her into coming with me and you brought this stankovich guy thing up before and I said No! Why are you bringing it up again, I told you I'm not killing anybody." Ethan protested quite vociferously. Terranova: "I'm sorry, Ethan, but you must do it. You must trust the system." "Trust you? Trust the system when it's trying to murder someone and have me be a party to it? No way!" Ethan stuttered and got up from his bed expressing how fed up he was with the task list that was displayed before his very eyes. "Terranova: "Ethan, you have to get on with one of them and your time to select what task to go with is counting down. Remember, any task you skip will keep resurfacing. Choose wisely." Frustrated, Ethan rubbed his forehead and whispered, "Then there's no point in asking me to choose! This feels like cheating. You said I would have the freedom to decide my own actions..." His words trailed off inaudibly, expressing his discontent.T
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The Trap
Terranova: "I can't remember telling you I know everything and within the short time of our working together, you ought to have erased that assumption off your mind. Hold on a minute..." The system refrained from speaking for a minute and a half... "Ethan, there is only one way in, aside this front gate, but you are not going to like it." "Tell me about it already." Ethan spoke like one who had nothing to lose. He was already uncomfortable with standing out there and doing nothing in a busy street because everyone seems to be looking for something or going somewhere based on the fact that the purge of the previous night left many emotionally distraughted and confused with terror. Terranova: " ...there is a sewage outlet at the left flank and you will have to crawl on your way in..." Gasp* "No... no... no way!" Ethan grumbled. Terranova continuous "...but the good thing is that his office window is just right there, merely looking up once you are in.""Blah blah blah. It's not e
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The delivery guy
"Gosh, you are so annoying. Must I ask? I thought we are team here?" He muttered with a musing heart. Terranova: "...we are team and that's the more reason why you should ask. Anyways, he is in that room you refused entering through the window outside which would have been more easier." "What do you mean by more easier? Bullshit. There was absolutely no way I could have gone in through that window. Can anyone climb a wall that smooth and high?" Ethan questioned whispering to himself, scoffing doubtfully and keeping his head down as he sat somewhere in the midst of the crowded sitting room. Terranova: "you humans do find things impossible to do and I wonder why..." "That's because we think and we are smart." Ethan replied instantly, almost feeling a rising anger but the system ignored his emotions. "...if you look to the opposite direction from whence you came, precisely your left, you'll notice another stairs which leads straight to his bedroom, same room 32 you should have enter
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Leveling Up
Picked up the brown briefcase, Ethan was smart enough to take the sewage outlet from whence he came instead of the front gate. Trusting his guts, he never knew he was taking the right steps as his instincts led him until he heard an alarm in the pyramid castle few minutes after he was gone out. He did not hesitate to use the available taxi back home to Sharon apartment. And as he entered his room, >— Status Table —Full Name: Ethan HillsTenacity: 10Speed: 15Intelligence: 20Skill: Stealthy, strike, stumpResponsiveness: 20Strength: 7Funds: $12000 Inventory: pistol gun. Virtue: Amity, Malevolent The systems dialogue box appeared and the excitement on his face was unexplainable when he saw his account balance which was right about the first place he had his eyes on — he needed the money. "Ethan." Sissy called out while knocking consistently Ethan had to quickly open the door and was like,"Sissy, is there a problem?" He asked because she seems anxious. "Yes, it's ab
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