A survivor

Bai Feng could sense the giant being's consciousness awaken as it targeted Bai Feng in an instant.

A frenzied hunger could be sensed from the being's aura as it tried to rip the metal beams that kept it in place.

Its eyes opened, revealing two crimson orbs with snake-like pupils that targeted Bai Feng.

Bai Feng could sense the being's hunger from all over the place. It wanted to eat him!

Bai Feng took a step back. He could feel a foreign pressure that felt quite old coming from the titanic being.

He wasn't sure what type of being the thing in front of him was, but it was certainly it was very strong when it was at its peak.

The foreign aura that pressured Bai Feng only lasted for a few seconds before it dissipated like it was never there. However,  the hunger remained in the being's eyes that glowed red in the darkness that not even Bai Feng could see through at his peak strength.

The being tried to remove the beams that i

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