Many empty spots

While Bai Feng was contemplating the life of cultivators, the tribe's warriors were already making their way to the locations marked on the map that Rafiki had given them.

As for Rafiki, he made his way back into the hut as he wanted to talk with Bai Feng.

Bai Feng was meditating inside of the hut after he confirmed that nothing will go awry between him and Rafiki.

He sat there and waited for the shaman in question to come back.

A few moments passed before Rafiki went back into the hut and bowed to Bai Feng.

"I have done as you ordered, milord."

Bai Feng opened his eyes and nodded at Rafiki before he posed a question:

"Why did you start cultivating?"

Rafiki was surprised by the question. He didn't think that Bai Feng would be interested in his past or himself.

After all, he was just a subordinate now.

Why would Bai Feng be interested in his past?

Rafiki complied with Bai Feng's inquiry without asking why Ba

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