A test (Part 1)

The trio invited Bai Feng to their sect. They were all from the main branch of the Demon Taming sect, and they had come out to hunt for runaway devils this time around.

The she-devil that just died had a formation on her that triggered a contact back at the sect, and they had been sent to capture and bring her back.

While she was weak and useless, she was still their property, and running away wasn't allowed.

However, now that she was dead, it didn't matter anymore.

The trio started to give indications towards the location of the sect, and Sylph controlled the cloud towards it.

The trio didn't try to demean or say anything about Bai Feng's weaker party members as they could feel how Bai Feng's eyes were always targeting their backs.

Bai Feng sighed as he sat down on the cloud. He didn't try to be intimidating back then, but his power seemed to intimidate the trio, even though he only leaked a little bit of it to make them see him in a

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