Getting to the Demon Dance continent

The she-devil became extremely demure after the purifying torture, and she told Sharley everything she knew.

They were currently at the edge of the First Draconic Continents wilderness, where no living beings could be spotted.

It was a good place for the she-devil to go to after she captured her victims.

They were quite far away from civilization.

However, that didn't matter, because this would be better. After all, they needed to go to the Demon Dance continent.

With her knowledge of both The First Draconic Continent and the Demon Dance continent, they started traveling through the wilderness before returning to the surface in the mountains.

It would be easier to travel on the ground rather than in the sky if you had a good guide because the mountains were all empty.

Thus they would be able to avoid any problems like this and get where they wanted to.

The traveling through the mountains was akin to going through a maze, but wi

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