An easy operation with a high failure rate

Bai Feng didn't need much time to think about the shaman's offer. The man had quite a long life in front of him. 100,000 years wasn't a little amount of time. But to a cultivator, having their life on the countdown was something that they never wanted to experience.

"What do I need to do to help you with the disease?"

Shaman Rafiki stopped kneeling in front of Bai Feng as he immediately started to explain:

"I just need you to insert your blood inside my body through transfusion. The disease will be combated by your bloodline while my body will be the battlefield."

"That's also the reason I'm the one who will die if anything goes wrong. Your blood will cut the connection with you once it enters my body, so even if it loses, the disease won't spread to you."

"Everything after that will be my combat. If my body and willpower aren't strong enough to withstand the two beings fighting inside of it, then I will perish and the disease will take over."

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