Attempting to please everyone

Bai Feng wanted to continue his missions unabated by the medicinal hall. Nor did he want to share his profits with the mission hall.

But he would have to give up something for being unabated in his missions, or else Zhia wouldn't let him get away. After all, she said that she lost a lot of profits.

He could either share his profits from the missions or be specially employed in the mission hall as Bai Feng didn't want the restrictions or the affiliation of being in the medicinal hall.

He had heard a few rumors about how the employees of the medicinal hall were treated, which weren't bad, but Bai Feng liked his freedom.

He had decided to embark on the path of cultivation for the ultimate freedom. Where he could go where he wanted, eat what he wanted, and relax where he wanted along with his friends and close ones.

Right now, he was quite far away from his dream as 3 of his friends were being put through torturous training that they wouldn't have usua

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