Champion of Dawn

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Champion of Dawn

By: MJ Tabelina OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The story is about a man named Geordan Auroran who is a native of Skyreach and a knight-errant. He's an only son of a minor noble in Skyreach, in the trading village of Faulterth. He was raised by his parents as a young man who is virtuous yet, full of curiosity and treats his people equally making him well-known to the commonfolk. In his coming of age, after being knighted by his father and to further hone his skills as a knight, he was sent to the capital of Central Gaedas, the Imperial City of Cyrius. He was registered to the Imperial Military Academy and began his studies for two years. Unbeknownst to him, his homeland I is in the middle of a civil war, the Duke of Winterhelm, Duke Jarric the Chillrend, killed the new High King of Skyreach in a duel for the crown. Jarric killed the newly King because he disapproved how dependent Skyreach have become to the Empire, and Jarric ultimately believes that the "true" Highlanders must stand on their own never bow to anyone but themselves. As a knight of the Empire and a son of Skyreach, his resolve was shaken between serving his homeland or staying true to his oath as a knight of the Empire. The conflict was more than he thought as he witnessed innocent people who are not even involved to the conflict are also getting in between the slaughter of the two opposing sides. Is this the welcoming he will receive from his homeland after returning for the past two years? This is the tale of how Geordan Auroran became the legend known as Champion of Dawn, a fabled title given to the one who bears the radiance of the God of Creation.

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12 chapters
Chapter I: On the Trails of Dusk
As the wagon’s wheels drove, the sound of the creaks beneath and the thump of the horses’ hooves that pulls it made its way to the trail that leads to the prison where these passengers of the wagon will be delivered to and meet their end. “Ha! Didn’t expect we would get the biggest fish in the pond this easily” chuckled by the Imperial soldier whose man-handling the wagon. The very “passenger” of this is none other than the leader of the rebels, the man who started the brutal rebellion, the very head of the beast “Chillrends”, the Duke of Winterhold, Jarric Chillrend. He dons a long pale-blonde hair braided by the side and wears a dark-pale vestment with a breastplate with symbol claw of a sabretooth which is the signature mark of the Chillrend rebels. The skirmish that led him to his capture was a quick and tactically executed, like a hawk who skillfully strikes down its prey from above in an instant. “Hmph, it’s only a matter of time, thi
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Chapter II: The Prison of the Skies: Skyhold
At last, the duke and his rebel forces were successfully delivered to the greatest and the most ancient fortress in Skyreach, the Skyhold, wherein they will all be executed even though normally when someone is about to be executed, they will be have to undergone with a trial of the leaders of Skyreach; every duke or duchess of every city in Skyreach and the High King himself, but due to Duke Jarric’s action, the other leaders of every city are divided into being against him, supporting his cause and some who keeps their neutrality in the civil war. This is mostly the reason why the emperor ordered the army to kill him on sight because of the threat he poses on the Empire’s influence in Skyreach making him the most wanted individual in Imperial territories. As the duke and his rebel forces and other prisoners were gathered inside Skyhold, a jailor appears by the entrance to the great hall. “Alright, you maggots! Approach the great hall!” shouted by the jailor
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Chapter III: The Darkness Lurks
“Aaarghhh! It got me!” Screamed by an Imperial who got pounced on by a sinister-looking hound. The chaos continues as the creatures of darkness launches an unexpected attack at Skyhold as the esteemed soldiers of the Empire being decimated by a pack of undead hounds called death hounds. “There’s too many of them! The sentries and the frontal barricade at the entrance is infested of these things!” said by Ser Havard who is fighting in the ranks of General Tullium who is in the great hall. “Evacuate the staffs of the hold who is unarmed, and Gods forgive us we can’t do anything more about the other prisoners in here,” commanded by general. “How about the rebels, sir? Are we going to kill them now?” asked by the female captain. During the chaos, most of the prisoners have been dead being not able to defend themselves, but some of the duke’s men and himself got out of their captivity. “Grrr! You there, grab that sword be ready to cut your way thr
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Chapter IV: Dance with the Devils
Under the clouded sky in the midst of the night, the great prison hold of Skyhold is under attack by the foul creatures of the night. To what reason they should attack an old ancient brig such as this? As per the one who led this assault, the vampire who calls himself “Klauss Kulihar”, an offspring of a vampire lord known as “Lord Kulihar”, he states that he was tasked to find someone who is currently at the Skyhold at this very moment. But the question still remains on “who” is this individual? “What am I supposed to do?” in the blonde man’s mind as he is having a dilemma in who should he help at this very moment. So far as the situation goes, the prisoner by the stairs that descends to the ground level of the hold is being overrun by a pack of death hounds who clearly looked like a creature that spawn from the netherworld, while on the corridors, the female Imperial-Captain who is in the great hall earlier is being outnumbered by two ghastly garg
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Chapter V: Regroup with the General
Geordan’s eyes widen as he saw his companion’s appearance under her helm, the captain is indeed a Shakirian, an Imperial native who dwells in the land south of the Empire, which has been colonized by the Empire long ago up until now. They’re common traits is that they have that tan skin, with a distinguished eye colors between ruby, dark brownish tint and a dark-yellowish glow. But in her case, she has that blue eye which can be the most common thing in the Empire and Skyreach. “She’s a half-Imperial?” Geordan’s thought as he stares at the captain. “What? Is there something on my face?” asked by Amaya as she looked back at him brows raised. “U-Uh, no… Well, let us be o-off then, Captain,” nervously replied by Geordan as he turned his gaze back. “No. I said you can just call me Amaya. I owe you that much since risked your life to aid me and help me realize this tragedy,” said by Amaya with a very serious and chivalrous expression.
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Chapter VI: Just Need a Little Push
As Geordan looked at the man that came from Ser Havard’s back, he saw the general himself as he reaches his hand to him. “I am General Gladios Tullium, commanding officer of the Imperial army here at Skyreach. A pleasure to meet you,”Geordan then shakes the general’s hand and salutes him. “Geordan Auroran, sir! A knight-errant of Faulterth, I am also affiliated with the Imperial Academy’s Knight order,” he said as he put his fist to his chest. (Imperial knight’s giving honor to a high-ranking official of the Empire.)“Hmph… So, you’re the knight who declined the army’s offer.” said by the general as he examined Geordan.“Offer? What kind of offer is that, if I may ask, sir?” asked courteously by Ser Havard.“It’s mad why I wasn’t able to recognize you when you got dragged here at this mess. Never seen you as well the typical high and mighty attitu
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Chapter VII: Joining the Empire
The remaining Imperial forces led by General Tullium that was at the Skyreach’s oldest and largest prison hold, Skyhold, took a brief and well-deserved rest as they manage to drive off the creatures of darkness that attacked them during the execution of the rebellion’s mastermind Duke Jarric Chillrend. The motive of the attack is still unknown whether it was really a plot to free the duke or if there’s really another mysterious faction who will also join in the conflict that is happening at Skyreach. As the general and his men got their brief scouting and short respite after successfully driving-out the creatures that assaulted Skyhold, they plan on making their way back to their main headquarters at the capital of Skyreach which is the city of Fortitude. As they marched on, Ser Havard and Captain Amaya invited Geordan to come along with them for the time being. “As we proceed down the river, there is a village their called Riverton, and that’s my hometown.
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Chapter VIII: In the Shadow's Eyes
After his well-deserved rest at Bardon’s inn, Geordan prepares for his journey back to Faulterth giving his gratitude for Bardon’s family for taking him in. “You my sincere gratitude, Bardon,” Geordan said as he smiled and taps the shoulder of Bardon. “Aye, don’t mention it, milord. You are a friend here as well as your good father and you are welcome here anytime,” said by Bardon as his wife and daughter nods in agreement beside him. “Yes, Ser Geordan! I hope to meet you again soon,” said by the young lady, Bretta as she bows like a female nobility, holding the hem of her dress and raised it a bit then bows. It was a bit clumsy but Geordan appreciated it as he patted her head. “You would make a fine escort one day, milady,” said by Geordan to the Bretta that made her blush because of Geordan’s compliment and embarrassment as well. “T-T-Thank you, milord!” said by Bretta stuttering. Her parents laughed out of joy seeing their daughter taking a
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Chapter IX: Saving Light
Geordan who is at the mercy of a group of vampires that ambushed him on his way to Faulterth is at death’s doorstep again as he is being by two of the vampires and heavily wounded due to the one that is on his backside. He kept trying on breaking free from the vampires’ grasp on him but due his condition, there’s no luck as those two surpasses his own strength as they combine their super-human grip on him. “It’s useless to resist, human. Now, we will see if you are the one that we are looking for,” said by the vampire who pounced him earlier as it tries get close to him as it walks towards him. The vampire grins as it shows its white-sharp fangs like he was trying to take a taste of Geordan’s blood. “It is no use! I cannot break free from them. They are too strong!” said by Geordan to himself as the vampire already within his face. “Let’s see if you are the Radiant One,” said by the vampire before it took a bite on Geordan’s neck.Read more
Chapter X: The Dawn-bringers
As Geordan’s life was saved by an order of warriors known as the Dawn-bringers, the two of those warriors, Inga and Thorac faces the vampires who assaulted in the middle of the misty forest that surrounds the Fallkeith territory. The other one of the Dawn-bringers named Joss is with Geordan as he is the healer of the group, in-charged of keeping Geordan from harm. As for what reason why, Geordan was attacked by these vampires is still a mystery. “Grrraaaghh! I’ll devour you!” yelled by the vampire as it dashes towards Thorac. As the vampire closes in on him, Thorac throws one of his silver hand-axe at the vampire but the vampire managed to dodge it easily, but as soon as the vampire returns its attention to Thorac. “Aaaghh! It’s a bait!” said by the vampire as Thorac managed to get close to him in instant. He then cleaves the torso of the vampire due to his successful attempt of baiting him into an opening. The vampire backs away as it suffers a very lethal wound acr
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