The Blade of Darkness

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The Blade of Darkness

By: The Supreme writer OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The Dark Lord The Mystery The Vengeance The Chaos Living in a world of wickedness and Evil, One must be a killer in other to survive in this world of mischief, deceit and injustice. Have you ever witnessed a bloody War, So Brutal that you can't sleep in the night? Be ye welcome into the world of chaos and destruction Into the world of Horror and Terror The World of Fear The World were evil rules and triumph over all. Who wanna see some bloodshed? Derek Orlois, The most strongest, skillfull and powerful warrior who became a noble knight due to his father position as Prime Minister of the Selevrian Empire, After returning back from the battle against Bandits to hear the worst news ever. Possessing the dark blade of light means only one thing, War against Humanity, Pregan gods advancing into humanity with their powers in other to capture the Lord of Magic and the controller of Elements. Kyle Jayden, Prince of the Scorpion and the Last Lightning Bender... He strives through out to win the heart of the most beautiful princess in the Selevrian Empire who is in love with Derek Orlois and that hardens his heart towards Derek. Being the prophesied Lord of Magic who controls Warlords and Wizards Gives him leverage over all, But the prophecy of his darkness is tragic. For Humanity is under danger, The Dark Lord shall rise to possess the Dark Blade of Light, Having Control over the most deadly ninja clan of mutants, The World of Apolcalypse is Now. Shall Evil Triumph over all? Shall the humanity be destroyed? Shall the Dark Blade be used for Darkness? Who is the Dark Lord? For this is about to get bloodier than bloody...

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Chapter 1: Killing the Bandits
Neighing sounds of horses could be heard from the mountain of Urca.. The Mountain Of War, Warriors fighting against Warriors as heads rolled vividly with blood splashing on the hot ground, The Red Armoured Warriors were the dominant warriors in this battle as they frequently slay the black armoured Swordsmen. The War became intensed, The Black Armoured men who were known as The Texas Bandits who attacked a small village almost killing all the men and raping almost all the women in the village. " Don't let them escape, Commander needs them dead " A Warrior cladded with red armour with white silky medals placed on his body which make him to look like an high ranking captain in the Army. Meanwhile a young and handsome blonde who seems to be killing every bandits who came his way, The Blonde twisted his body chopping off three heads of Bandits who came his way with their blood splashing On the ground. A Bandit dived from a tree with his sword aiming for the head of the blond warrior b
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Chapter 2: The Message
Telphon City The Lousy City of Telphon, Known as the warrior city and gifted to Sir Derek who leads and dwells in the city with his army of sharp skilled and strong warriors, Among the top twenty more fierce armies in the Empire. The Gates of the City Opened up revealing hundreds of horsemen rode their horses into the city chanting victory songs, Smiles beaming from each of their faces on sighting their leader Derek Orlois and His Best friend Sir Nicklaus.Derek came down from his White horse with smiles, Nicklaus heaved deeply immediately landing on the ground of his abode beautiful city, He smiled scenting the air of victory and enjoyment because he knows he is gonna fvck some pussies. Three Ranked Soldiers approached Derek putting on their armours with their heads bowing before in respect before Derek and Nicklaus and speaking of Nicklaus, Nicklaus advanced towards the building with two hot maids besides him with his hands folding their ass." Master welcome back to your beautif
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Chapter 3: He was murdered
Lightning strucked through the sky creating uproar of disastrous sounds, The Sky slowly became dark as Two Horses could be seen approaching the Peruvian City of the Empire, The Royal City where the Emperor and all royalties dwell including high ranking officials. Derek hit the rope igniting his horse to run fast than before, While Nicklaus who seems to have been confused and shocked hits the rope of his horse the more, They were all putting on their knights attire which will command the respect they deserve well except Derek who is already popular and don't need to wear his knight outfit. It took them two hours before they get to the Peruvian Gates, The Apartment Guards of the City Gates Stretched forth their swords ready to strike if it's either a bandit or pirates, Derek came down from his horse with a deep frown. " Who are you? " One of the guards asked, He knew Derek Orlois face but decided to ask in other to know to voice or to detect whoever is using the face of Derek to atta
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Chapter 4: The Dark One
Speaking of Devil's First Son.He is Truly the devil's first son because of the devil his father, Prime Minister Pedro Orlois, A Knight in his youthful age and a warlord, One of the most brutal warlord to be ever recorded but it seems Warlord Lionel is breaking some records. It is said that Derek Orlois took this his vicious traits from his father, The Prime Minister is the only one who taught the Emperor how to pass on destructive and ruthless judgement on those who offended him. Though the emperor is devilish on his own but they say evil communication corrupts good manners, The kind and loving emperor has turn into a brutal merciless killer who slaughters kingdoms and clans who offended him without mercy, it is once said that the emperor was only a young prince of a kingdom before he started kingdoms domination and Clans domination. Merging over a hundred clans together as one and fifty kingdoms as one, eighty cities as one and it brought them together forming an empire to cement
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Chapter 5: Ferocious Beast
Clanging sounds of swords could be heard, Darkness crept into the heart of the village, Bloods littered with heads rolling on the ground, clouds of smokes covered the village meanwhile warriors continuously fell down dead. With just a single strike, Three heads rolled on the ground and their bodies followed, Derek emerged out of the darkness fogs with his dark glowing sword in his hand, He slashed two warriors with a heavy strike, The Strike Decapitated the warriors bodies into pieces. " No worries, I will make sure your deaths will be fast but merciless... You all must tell me who among you partook in the killing of my father " Derek uttered with a calm voice, bloods dripped down from his blade. " It only took me five minutes to understand that the ectarian clan partook in my father's demise, You understand who I really am right? There will be no mercy " Derek uttered, He cleaned his bloody sword with his palm. " I am telling you the truth derek, please don't kill me " The Clan c
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Chapter 6: Relentless Warrior
News about the ruthless killing of Sir Derek spreads like wild fire, Those who detested him feared Hum the most, Killing both children, women and innocent men in the clan just because his father was poisoned and the clan has a hand in the demise. Few Empires banned their people from Entering the Severian Empire just because of the ruthless and brutal warrior, Known for his unending brutality, Derek Orlois is popular in all Empires, Clans and Kingdoms. Reports says that the vicious knight is on his way to his own City, The Telphon City. The which is gifted to him by his father is one of the most destructive, beautiful and tormenting city, Not for the Citizens but for the outsiders. Derek has his own rules guiding his city, Long ago Prime Minister Pedro Orlois redrew the city name from the Severian Empire which makes it that the city is not under any Emperior control, The Seal of Odysseus which is created to guard the city from intruders when their ruler is absent.The seal is no wea
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