Bai Feng reaches the 10th stage

Bai Feng felt a little better as his eyes met Sylphs. It seemed that regardless of the danger that he posed to him. Sylph didn't care about it, and he still wanted to be friends with Bai Feng.

A warm feeling appeared in Bai Feng's chest as he patted Sylph's head, who couldn't help but scratch his cheek as he looked up at Bai Feng.

Ah Lam was also exceedingly happy, competition might be healthy between disciples, but if they started hating each other, she didn't know who's side to take.

She sighed inside as she said:

"Well, now that we know what's the problem, I will send Bai Feng back to his room. After Sylph can't handle training anymore, I will summon him back so he can train with me."

Sylph gulped hearing that, he was already relatively exhausted from his first breakthrough. But things didn't seem to be done yet?

Bai Feng nodded. He didn't have any problem with this, and he might be able to continue the training that Luo Gang had gi

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