Chicken Incident

The younger girl that was 13 years old was the first to bellow in awe:

"A flying rug? That's so cool!"

The immortal smiled proudly as he patted his rug once more. It was both long enough and wide enough to handle all of the new youths that he had selected for the sect's tests.

Bai Feng would lie if he said he wasn't impressed with the flying rug. He actually had the impulse of jumping on it and making it go high in the skies, he wasn't sure why, but he just felt like doing it.

Even the serious and level-headed Mu An had this kind of impulse as her expression resembled her brother's.

The immortal looked down at the table, which still held all of the items that the villagers returned.

He patted the rug two times before the items on the table started to levitate towards it.

Then the items slowly landed on the rug and entered it, disappearing thoroughly!

It was as if they were never there!

Every villager made 'ooh' and ah's sounds as they looked at what was happening.

"Well, now that I'm ready, we can leave."

Everyone got up on the rug, the 3 young men, the young girl. That was around 13 years old, and Mu An.

Finally, it was Bai Feng's turn to get on the rug. And it was quite hard for him as he wasn't that tall.

Even though Mu An was also in the same situation as him beforehand, she was a little bit lighter than him, so in the end, She got up on the rug.

However, Bai Feng was having trouble, and no one really wanted to help him. His sister tried, but he was too heavy for her.

Xiao Chun was sneering inside as he looked at Bai Feng's fat body and thought for himself:

"That's what you get for beating me up, you fatty!"

It seemed the beating Bai Feng gave him still rung in his head quite hard, that or he was a man who held a grudge.

The immortal was quite amused as he looked at Bai Feng's attempt to lift his body onto the rug, which was hovering above the ground at 1,5 meters.

He slowly made the rug get a little bit closer to the ground making Bai Feng smile at him and nod, only for the rug to quickly get back to its initial height making Bai Feng lose his balance and fall on his butt.

The villagers laughed out loud as they watched Bai Feng make a fool out of himself. Everyone was laughing, even the old immortal, just not visibly.

However, Bai Feng didn't get angered or anything like that. He just continued to try and get on the rug normally.

These types of things always happened around him.

Ever since he was a little child...

A little Bai Feng was trotting in the courtyard while his sister was playing some meters away from him under the tree he usually slept.

He was rotund as a ball as he made his way proudly around the courtyard. He was left alone with his sister as his parents were usually working around this time.

Coincidentally he liked to run around naked when he was left alone. His sister usually didn't mind as she played alone under the tree's shade, leaving him to do whatever he wanted.

But this time around, something went wrong...

One of the bigger chickens who were being kept behind the house made its way to the front porch and saw little Bai Feng running around.

Normally such a situation wasn't foreign to little Bai Feng, he liked to hang out with the chickens, and he petted them and fed them with his parents from time to time.

But every time that happened, he was clothed. He had never been naked in front of a chicken.

Chickens weren't smart beings. If they saw something moving and with a long shape, they would think it was an earthworm.

Unfortunately for our little Bai Feng, his little earthworm was flapping around rather quickly as he ran in the courtyard, from place to place.

The chicken couldn't help itself. The earthworm that was fluttering in the wind was just too tantalizing for its small brain.

With a mighty 'cukoo' sound, it attacked little Bai Feng's little brother with a fury of one thousand suns.

At first, Bai Feng thought the chicken was playing with him... until it attacked his most important body part with its sharp beak, ready to cut it off and enjoy it with a side dish of grains.

If his sister didn't realize what was happening fast enough, Bai Feng would have become a eunuch at a fragile age.

Usually, children told their parents everything that happened to them, and in this situation, it wasn't anything different.

Bai Feng and his sister shared the tale of the hungry chicken with their parents, who found the story so funny that they told it to half the village, and that half of the village found the story so hilarious that they told it to the other half.

In the end, the whole village learned about everything that happened overnight.

Every time Bai Feng would follow his parents around to buy things, people would point at him and whisper to each other about the event just loud enough that the young boy would hear.

It wasn't a nice experience, to say the least.

This lasted until there was something more embarrassing that happened to one of the children in the village. And unluckily for Bai Feng, he ended up waiting for 3 years before that happened!

He felt so bad that he didn't leave the courtyard as he sulked around and glared at the chickens in the coop.

He thought that it was their fault that people were making fun of him. Thus, every time his mother cooked them, he would eat them in huge amounts to get revenge on them.

He looked just like a starving ghost as he inhaled chicken drumsticks and spat out their bones. Originally he was fat, by only a little above average, but after he started the chicken diet, he started to balloon up.

His anger made him eat so much fried chicken that it became a habit.

Chicken for breakfast, launch, and dinner. He ate so much that his originally pudgy body became so big that his sister had to roll him around the courtyard for him to take walks.

Normally just like all children, he only had his kid fat on him which made him look pudgy but cute.

However, after he became enraged at the chicken, he transformed into a ball that could only roll around with the help of others.

Things got really bad as his parents tried to stop him from eating, which resulted in Bai Feng throwing tantrums.

However, as time passed, he started to slim down, becoming a regular fatty. But that only happened after his parents passed away.

After his parents passed away, he started to get bored of chicken, which leads him to start snooping around the village to steal food.

While he could have traded some chicken for food in this instance, he still held a grudge against the villagers because they all laughed at him and embarrassed him. This was his way to get back at them.

He became notorious extremely quickly as food disappeared.

A pie left cooling on a windowsill? Bai Feng grabbed it at the right time and stuffed it in his mouth.

Did someone go to get the condiments for the barbecue? Well, there was no more barbecue now.

Potatoes ready for harvest... sweet corn and even carrots.

Everything that he saw, he took, roasted, and ate with the help of his sister, but as time passed, she didn't help him anymore due to the criticism and the pointed fingers towards their 2-man family.

She started to gather other foods through trading or work.

The laughter of the villagers took Bai Feng back to that time, but he ignored those memories as he exerted all of his strength. Making veins appear around his neck, his heavy build trembled, as did the rug.

This made the old- man's eyes narrowed as he took another glance at Bai Feng while he thought:

"This child is that heavy? He looks like the average fatty, but there is something strange about him..."

"Did he get this heavy from eating the chickens evolved by the box?"

It was strange, considering the people of his sect had been eating this chicken for thousands of years, and they never became like this.

"It seems he is a person of interest... but it doesn't matter that much for our type of sect."

The rug started. To slowly lift into the sky. Wobbling along due to the heavy-weight it supported.

The villagers were happy and sad as they looked at their children, leaving with the immortal.

They were happy that their children got a chance to achieve immortality and cultivate, but they were sad they had to let them go with high chances that they might never see them again.

But the children never thought about their parents as they looked down from the rug towards the ground.

They had already lifted high into the skies, the fluffy clouds being around them, even though some of them were young adults, at heart, they were still children.

Mu An would have almost giggled as she put her hands through the clouds around them, feeling the water droplets from the clouds touching her hand softly.

Bai Feng liked this sensation as he laid on his back and looked towards the clear sky above him. There were no clouds, just the big blue sky. And the sun baking them with its infinite heat.

Everyone started to sweat as the old- man controlled the rug to fly a little bit lower into the cloudy areas so they could cool down.

Everyone felt better, but they felt a little bit stifled as no one talked, so Mu An decided to start a conversation:

"So, Lord immortal, might you share your great name with us?"

The old- man didn't even look back as he controlled the rug to fly and said:

"My name is Ming Du, but it doesn't matter if you know it. Who's sure of you that you will be accepted into the sect?"

The others finally stopped daydreaming as they realized that the sect had actual criteria that they needed to fill to be accepted.

Xiao Chun was the first one. To ask about the tests they had to go through. Thinking that he had gotten close to the old- man.

"Master, what are we supposed to do to finish our trials? Maybe you could give us a hint or two?"

Ming Du laughed while he controlled the rug to remain at the right altitude before he said:

"Give you hints? Sure, why not? Here's a hint, be lucky!"

This type of answer stumped everyone, be lucky? What kind of tests needed them to be lucky?

Time slowly passed as they traveled, the speed of the rug seemed slow at first, but they realized they moved really quickly as they looked down at the ground, which was quickly moving below them.

They passed mountains and other villages along the way along with some picturesque images that marked every young person on the magical rug.

Day in and day night, the rug flew in the sky until it reached its destination...

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