Cooking willpower

Bai Feng started by heating his body and lighting up the fires inside of him. There were no additional ingredients for this cooking session since the ball of willpower was enough. Adding, even more, would make the Qi harder to control, and it would lead to a situation where Bai Feng might fail and destroy the ingredients.

Acting with balance was the best thing to do here.

Especially since the ingredient at hand was extremely rare and very hard to get.

If he lost this one, that would be certainly a big problem. Because who knew when he would get another one?

Thus Bai Feng used every last bit of concentration on this cooking session.

He needed this dish to be perfect, and serveable in small sizes until his body could adapt to the immense amount of Qi that would come from it.

The Qi was pretty intense even in its normal uncooked and unrefined form, but when Bai Feng would be done with it, it might even exceed Hatch's expectations!

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