Hatch recovers

As time passed, Bai Feng was able to fully understand how to use the torrential Qi from the golden ball he had harvested.

But he didn't start cooking it yet. Bai Feng was waiting for Hatch to recover while he meditated on that empty island he had arrived on.

Meditation was good for calming your mind and thinking deeply about those things that bothered you.

Most of the time it was used to enter an empty state of mind where you could cultivate at a higher speed or grasp things you couldn't when you are conscious normally.

However, it could also be used for self-introspection. And it had good medical perks.

Bai Feng was focusing on his mental health for the time being. He needed to temper his willpower because if Hatch ever failed to hold the gluttony curse back, he would need extremely strong willpower to battle the lust and hunger to cannibalize his people.

He wanted to have a few moments of clarity and fight it, no matter how hard it was.

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