Fire tribulation

Bai Feng's body squirmed under the flames, which didn't affect his surroundings, nor did they actually seem like they injured him, but his facial expression told Mo Pian everything he needed to know.

Bai Feng was in pain, that was a certain thing, and Mo Pian felt so bad that he couldn't alleviate it anyway. He owed Bai Feng his life after what he did back with Chen Lingxi.

He felt a sense of responsibility that he didn't feel before for Bai Feng. After all, He only took him under his wing under Shredder's orders, and at first, he didn't really care much about him.

But now, his feelings were genuine. He felt as if Bai Feng was his best friend or even brother. Bai Feng must have likely thought the same about him since he jumped in front of a deadly beam of energy to save his life.

Mo Pian tried to approach Bai Feng, but the flames started to billow the closer Mo Pian got to Bai Feng, and his face warped in pain as his tall- and skinny figure started to ben

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