Honorable fighting (Part 1)

The guard's action went unnoticed as Bai Feng and the trio prepared to fight.

Bai Feng looked at each of them before he asked:

"So, who wants to go first?"

The trio didn't say anything as the one on the left took a step forward and gave a small salute as he said:

"I'm the youngest of three of us, so I shall go first. In our culture, the youngest goes first when we are the ones who challenge and the oldest when we are challenged."

The other two didn't chime in as they let the younger brother talk.

Bai Feng nodded and asked:

"Are you ready?"

The youngest brother shook his head briefly before informing Bai Feng:

"I first need to do the ritual before an official fight, don't worry, it only takes a few minutes, and my brothers won't have to repeat it after I'm done."

The youngest barbarian did a small slice on his thumb as a few drops of blood dripped on the ground in front of them, and he started to mutter in an unkno

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