Easy money and a proposition

Bai Feng looked around, now that he had time to do it, and observed the crowd, which were all cheering for him, bar some people who were too sour due to them losing their money from betting on Bijon.

Mo Pian was looking at him from a distance with a proud look on his face. But he was still rather ashamed that he didn't tell him the rules, which lead to him being caught off guard a few times.

But Bai Feng didn't care as he looked at Bijon, who was kneeling in front of him, shivering.

Bai Feng stopped gazing at him as he shook his head and looked back at the exit of the cage. He wanted to leave.

Bijon took in a deep breath to calm himself.

While he saw Bai Feng make his way to the exit.

Bai Feng waited for the door to open for a few seconds, then he left the cage, leaving Bijon to sulk about his defeat.

The referee and Mo Pian came forward to congratulate Bai Feng on his win. Mo Pian wanted to start first, but the referee walked

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