Honorable fighting (Part 2)

The guards were quite puzzled to see Elder Chitong make his way towards Bai Feng, Mo Pian, and the three brothers.

The casino elders were the lowliest type of elders in the sect. And they didn't have much weight in the sect. They were only rather important in the outer sect, and that was all.

They were called elders only because they gave some contributions to the sect to a certain level.

Since they contributed to the sect so much, but their talent was abysmal. They were given the honorary title of elder and an easy position that could make them money, so they could live the rest of their lives in comfort.

They weren't really respected, as they had very little authority over the overall happenings in the sect. They were only responsible for the post they were given, and they had no other attributes, giving them no prestige.

Their cultivation bases were also quite mediocre if they were to be compared to the true elders. Even though they were qu

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