Limit breaking strength comes with repercussions

Bai Feng did his best to dodge and defend against the now serious villa master.

All of Shan Shi's attacks were going for vital points, not playing around anymore, trying to torment Bai Feng, the only thing that he still did, was an attempt to attack the region where his friends were located.

Bai Feng was able to dodge or block some attacks, but he was having trouble due to Shin Shi's Qi nature.

From what it felt like, it was metal.

Shan Shi could coat his arms and legs in a strong metallic exterior that gave him extra defensive and offensive abilities, and that enhanced his close-quarter combat abilities by a lot.

Shan Shi could also wield a strong golden metallic staff made out of his attributed Qi that gave Bai Feng quite a few skull-breaking shots over the head that he was unable to dodge, only block.

It was troublesome, but Bai Feng could keep up as he gradually unleashed more and more of his strength.

Not only did this continuous

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