Semi-finals start

Chen Lingxi was still conscious, even though she couldn't move one finger anymore. She was extremely annoyed by Bai Feng's tenaciousness that bordered to a level of immunity.

She had used everything she got into a combination that anyone else would have lost to, but Bai Feng simply took the combination to the face and got up afterward!

It was something that she couldn't believe when she first laid her eyes on his moving form.

How did she take her ultimate attack and get up afterward?

She almost cried out of frustration.

How was it possible? Were body cultivators so brokenly strong?

She sniffled as she wanted to clear her eyes from the few tears that appeared in them, but Bai Feng appeared in front of her. His mangled face was already recovering to its normal state. Unfortunately, his hair was still missing.

He lent her a hand as he said:

"That was quite the strong attack you did back then."

Chen Lingxi snorted as she sai

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