Switching with Sylph

The training between Bai Feng and Ah Lam continued.

The level of brutalization went up accordingly as Ah Lam increased the strength of her attacks to the speed of Bai Feng's improvement. She always was one, two, or even three steps ahead of him.

No matter how much he improved his martial arts and predicting abilities. He never got one true strike on her.

All of the attacks were either parried or blocked in some way or another.

No matter how much the fight was going on, Bai Feng's stamina seemed limitless, and so did Ah Lam's.

However, no matter how much Bai Feng's stamina spiked after he reached the 10th stage of the Qi apprentice realm. It wasn't limitless, and his recovery time wasn't higher than his consumption level.

He slowly started to lose his edge. His eyes were half-open after 9 months of continuous training.

Bai Feng could feel that his eyes didn't want to remain open anymore.

Maybe it was time to end the training?

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