Against Heaven

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Against Heaven

By: Jajajuba OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Chang San was just an ordinary young man in his Clan. But a big tragedy happened in his life. The death of his parents became a turning point in his life... "I will repay you all" Can he? LIKES, CRITICISM AND SUGGESTIONS ARE PLEASED, GOOD BLESSINGS


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27 chapters
Chapter 01
The wind roars over the calm ocean, bringing the waves to hunt the coral, pushing away the loneliness of the worried heart. I don't know where to go.This trip is very sad for a young person who is depressed, angry and hates the world. But I have no power and effort. What a languishing life...On this continent the strong will be acknowledged, the weak will be hurt. It is inevitable that there will be a lot of fights, individual or group fights to compete to reach high positions, in order to maintain dignity or raise ranks.The irony of reality, compared inversely with desire..On the coast a young boy drifted to and fro. Sanna ran and kept on running, not caring about sore feet.Then he saw a forest, without much thought he entered it. "I'd better hide in the woods" That's what he thoughtNot far from the young man, there was a shadowy figure peeking behind the thick bushes."Roaaar!""Is that the sound of a beast" thought the young man was scared "No, I don't want to die! I have to
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Chapter 02
Chang San could already combine two different techniques. Like the palm technique combined with the sun fire technique. Also there are many other moves..“You grew up in San Er. Your body is much taller than when we first met. And you are also more handsome” Teacher Fei jokes.“Thank you Master, your existence is the best thing I have right now”They went back to chatting casually while sipping the drinks that were available.Inside the cave there is a library that holds some information about cultivation, medicine and weapon grades. Chang San also started looking for information about this world.It is said the world is so wide. Even in the North Continent, there was the Tang empire that controlled many other major Cities and Clans. Including the Chang Clan itself..He was so engrossed in reading various information that the night changed to morning.“Ugh...!! Stretching his arms and body, he stood up. "It's time for physical training again .." he saidThen he had permission with Mas
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Chapter 03
Different levels of pills:The white pill is the energy return pill.The red pill is a Cultivation enhancing pill.The blue pill was a divine pill that only saint-level warriors could use to reach god-level. But that's just a legend that may not be real.Pills are also divided into several levels such as Low, Medium, High.Similarly, techniques are divided into four levels. That is Heaven Earth. Heaven.Chang San was immersed in cultivation and he felt so much pure energy gathering in his dantian.Crack...! ...!!Muffled sound, a sign of level up. Then he smiled. “This power is truly extraordinary”Now Chang San was at the intermediate king level. He closed his eyes again to stabilize the remaining energy.Then he left the inn. And walked to the city limits. After completing the inspection he took off flying.Must know. To be able to fly for days, a cultivator had to be at the Emperor level. Because quite a lot of spiritual energy is spent. But different from Chang San. Because he had
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Chapter 04
I will melt your body, Feel my fire scream Chang Sun.Shin Liu felt that the heat of this fire was very dangerous. He also maximized his defensive energy.A dragon's roar formed from fire energy swiftly rushed into Shin Liu's body.And boooom...!The stadium vibrates exposed to residual energy. Shin Liu was thrown into the barrier and fainted."The winnerChang Sun." The crowd applauded.Chang Lei smiled brightly, having broken out in a cold sweat just now watching his prided son almost lose."Now there are three candidates. We Continue the next three days..."The audience then dispersed. paraelder and the nobles and the Emperor also returned to the yang room available to rest..Time off utilized well by the remaining participants..Chang San approached Shin Liu who was deeply injured. Then he took out an advanced white color pill from his dimensional ring and gave it to Shin Liu."Drink it," he saidChang San.But Shin Liu just looked at him and said, "'s a high grade energy r
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Chapter 05
A few days later. Chang San got to the entrance of Flower town. After I finished inspection. he stepped inside. "Finally I'm home"Then he looked for a place to eat just to find information."Please come in sir!" said the waiter guarding the restaurant.Chang San also looked for a seat and saw in the corner there was an empty chair.The waiter came to say hello. "Sir, what would you like to order?" asked the waitress kindly."Prepare your best food" he saidChang It's short."Yes sir. Please wait patiently"Not long. the food came and he started swinging his hands to enjoy the food that was available."Hmm, no information at all."ThenChang San paid for his food. Inmoment is outside the dining area.Chang San feels that someone is spying on him. Then he went looking for an inn. as if he didn't notice.Chang San found a luxury inn called Mekarsari Lodging.Chang San entered it, then booked a room for a few days. and he asked not to disturbed.The spies also reported toChang Lei. That the
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Chapter 06
The figure waited casually while sipping the available drinks. Chang San walked closer."Once again I thank seniors. If a senior needs my help at another time. I will be happy to help""Sit down Formerly. What's your name?""I am Chang San senior, may I know the senior's name""My name is Zhu. My surname is Tian. It's up to you call me what" he said"Very well senior Zhu, if I may ask where the senior is from. I have never heard of the Tian clan in this empire before.""Hmmm. I really don't come from here. This token is mine. Keep it. If you know or know of any member of the Tian clan. Show this token.""Okay Seniors." Said while welcoming the token and saving it. They began to talk at length about martial arts. Until late at night. Chang San received a lot of advice as well as various experiences shared by Tian Zhu.And Chang San was given a formless sword technique. It is said that a person who can perfectly master the formless sword can dominate more in battle.And also to a certai
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Chapter 07
After killing Chang lei and also Chang Da. he did not forget to take their dimension rings. After that he also looted the contents of the clan warehouse.Even though he grew up in the clan Chang. but his heart is dead for the clan Chang.Except for uncle Bei. The Eldest first one respected him. Others already considered it's nobody.He has lived in the clan Chang for fourteen years. But those days passed and it is full of suffering from oppression.Yes Insulted Because no cultivation.Actually Chang San just wants to be an ordinary human. trade and become a writer. He had no intention of becoming a cultivator. Because He doesn't like bloodshed.But big changes forced him to become a cultivator moment That.."Heh! Chang San took a deep breath.Father, revenge has been avenged right. Hope you calm down in heaven.."From afar, you can see a cellulite flying towards the clan Chang.Beeeeng..! The ground trembled when the suit landed and cracked the ground he stepped on. then he shouted,"W
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Chapter 08
After he was killed Patriarch Chang When. Chang San also felt exhausted. He tried to sit up and took his energy recovery pill.After his condition recovered. He approached the body Chang at.So Lift it. and then wrote his name on the tombstone.."May heaven accept your prayer while prostrating three times."As time passed, he continued his wandering path."Maybe I should go to the Lu clan. To look Chang It's Wei who returns to Lu Ruyan's mother""Okay. I broke up already.."Chang San also stepped his feet towards the city border. After finishing business,He also shot flying. Now he can fly up to his one day old...From above he saw several swarming monsters. Makes curiosity arisethen came down to see what happened.."Kaka! What should we do? We can't beat this group of monsters.""Calm down. I was thinking for all of us to get out of this siege. Calm down first." He said, while fending off the attacks of the spiders spouting golden nets.There were five people who invaded a swarm of
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Chapter 09
Still in the residence of the Zhou clan.Knock knock knock There was a knock on the door."Young master! You summoned the patriarch for dinner"The door creaks.Then a handsome figure appeared. With a white shirt layered with a red robe decorated with a dragon symbol. Adding to his majesty.Very handsome! Beat the waiter."Come follow me young master!""Lead the way," Chang San said.After arriving at the banquet many dishes have been prepared."Please sit down, son Chang!" Patriarch also pulled a chair to sit down."It is an honor to sit with the city lord," said Chang San with a smile that made Zhou Ruyue even more stunned."Please taste Zhou Meili!" mother of the twins Zhou Ruyue dan Zhou HuaThey also chat casually while eating food...Nak Chang, where are you going after this?"I don't know for sure, maybe I will travel the world," Chang san replied."Don't you want to stay here, or get married?" Patriarch Zhou spoke while glancing at his daughter Zhou Ruyue.Zhou Ruyue seeing her
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Chapter 10
Chang San was stunned to hear that. Wasn't he just going to accompany her in the forest from the start?"Would you like to introduce me to your parents?" Chang San joked.Cheeks like dumplings puffed up again hearing that sentence. "Don't be too confident to be someone" Then his lips pouted "If you don't want to accompany me, I have nothing to lose" He added while sticking out his tongue."Haha Haha Well. I also want to know your parents." Chang San said while taking the first step."Hey Hey. Where are you going?" Cao Ling And asked"Aren't you going home? Why ask again?""It's not going that way""Why just said""You didn't ask"“He he” Chang San also laughed shyly."Then don't pretend to know," said Cao Ling An While taking a step first.A few hours passed, and I saw from afar a large Sect. Located at the top of the mountain."What is the name of your sect?"“Our sect is well-known on this eastern continent's border.”"Woy I asked the name of the sect nothing else""Haha haha ​​I jus
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