The second warehouse and problems

Their arrival at the second warehouse was the same as at the first. They didn't attract any attention from the guards or formations. They hid perfectly according to the copy's instructions, then they waited for the guards and formations to be turned off.

Unfortunately, this time around, it didn't work as perfectly as before.

The first problem came with Bai Feng. While he waited, he realized that he was slowly being scanned by something, and if he stayed in the same place, he would surely be found.

He didn't understand why that was happening, but he moved away from the area that could be scanned.

This triggered a guard to come closer, making it suspicious of what happened.

While the guards weren't real people and were made artificially, that didn't mean they didn't have intelligence.

They were all pretty smart and understood that something had been near the scanning area of the second warehouse, they didn't see what it was, but they realized

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