Third fight and Chen Lingxi takes to the ring

The two new fighters were two men.

The one on the right was called Shen Mu, and the one on the left was called Bing Dong.

Shen Mu was an aloof person who stood at 1,75 meters. His temperament was cold as he scoffed while he glanced at Bing Dong.

He wore an azure blue eyepatch on his left eye- which was assorted with his blue shoulder-length hair.

He wore a battle uniform with the characters of strong on its backside. It consisted of a white gi with a small blue sash that kept his gi pants on his lower side. And he was barefoot.

He looked rather skinny, but his muscles were well defined. But the thing that set him off apart from the rest was his stance. It gave the feeling of innate aggression.

At a second glance, his Qi aura was quite intimidating and as cold as his surface personality.

Bing Dong looked to be a rather simple young man with an average build and height. He stood around 1,72 meters, and he sported a crew-cut hairstyle.

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