Betrayed By My Doomed Mate

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Betrayed By My Doomed Mate

By: Polyana Leão CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Human nature tends to get caught up in romance constantly, but how do you deal with that when you’re a man who might turn wolf? Jack and his work partner are embroiled in a supernatural mystery at the company where they work, but a woman, named Cassie, promises to divert their attention whenever possible. Simultaneously, while having to figure out who has been committing the murders in the building, Jack must deal with the overwhelming attraction he feels for the human. Surrounded by eyes on all sides, the wolf must deal with his passion and transformations, and must hide from everyone that one of the murders was committed by himself. Could love to overcome the barriers of a doomed soul?

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The guys from the second division of the New Shadow advertising company could not stay more than two weeks away from appearing in the CEO's office. Whether it was for a failure to deliver a job, or something similar. The fact was that there was always something to be solved, especially since they had a rival company called Lightning. Both companies were always competing with each other since they were in the same department and the same building. Unfortunately, something happened that drastically changed the future of both companies. It was at a get-together between the two, that a crime changed everything.When everyone at NS learned about the party to unite the companies, they decided that it would not be just any party, but an opportunity to put hatred aside and create strong and successful alliances.Cassie was able to convince her boss to have the party, although no one knew how she had done it, and they ruled out any sexual way since she had one of the most beautiful faces in th
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Adding the two companies, New Shadow and Lightning, there were 1200 active employees in total. It was impossible not to have something to advertise in that place, and it was impossible for the two companies not to be known throughout the city. Cassie was one of the people that everyone tried to recruit, and she refused everyone because she didn't have time to deal with many problems, and the work she had was already taking up too much of her time.The theme of the party was still open. There was a poll among the employees to decide what would be the best theme.While arranging his work material in his briefcase, Kurt was talking to his partner, Jack. "Which option and theme did you vote for?" he asked."I didn't vote, we won't, you know that you know why," Jack replied, also tidying up his material. "I know we should participate, it's important and all, but we can't," he commented, as he closed his work case. "We're not in the condition to break the camera or anything else that can be
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It was almost dawn when they lay exhausted and bloodstained after their meal of the day, an adult deer. They used to split the hunt every time, after all, it was not worth the waste. Whenever they fed, they needed to lie down for a while, to process the information a little. It was always interesting to realize that they were not humans at that stage, that they were animals, and that no matter how hard they tried, they would remain so, at least for a few hours, for a few days, or nights, sometimes afternoons. They were figuring out how to deal with it because they didn't have much basis for it, the truth is that they knew almost nothing about that condition and avoided having to deal with it, they just hadn't been able to process the stages yet. Jack used to turn first than Kurt; it had always been that way. If Jack felt strange, he knew what it was, and Kurt knew that it would soon be his turn. Because of this, Kurt often ended up seeing the beginning of the process, which always hau
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Cassie looked stunning, wearing a slightly tight white dress. Her blonde hair was loose and flowing, she looked beautiful. Whenever he could, Jack looked at her, but even though she was coveted by everyone, he didn't want them to know that he included himself in that. He thought that Kurt suspected it, but he had never told them or mentioned it yet. It was like a secret he could possess just for himself, although he really wanted her to know because he just couldn't stop thinking about her.Cassie's perfume was strong. Both partners had a keen sense of smell even as humans, so they couldn't disguise the sweet smell they smelled coming from her. Kurt, unlike Jack, felt no walk for the woman, as he felt there was something more exciting in the future in store for him.Finally, a while later, more and more people were arriving. With this, the time for the constant transformations was getting closer and closer.Music was already starting to play to cheer everyone up. The Lightning employe
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Kurt was kissing Kaya when he noticed a sudden movement near him. As he turned around, he noticed a tired Jack after running over. “We need to talk,” he said, forcing his friend away from the confused girl. Kurt didn't like being interrupted, after all, it had been a while since he had had any kind of fun. “I saw the twelve of them planning to throw smoke at the party, set it on fire I don't know where, and they drank. I don't know what to do, but I think some shit will happen,” he told.“Leave it to the security guys, tell someone, I don't know. Let me enjoy my moment, okay? This doesn't always happen,” Kurt said, already getting ready to return to the girl. Jack informed him that he hadn't found anyone to warn, but thought maybe they could do something.Kurt made eye contact, still angry, and continued to deny it, returning to Kaya's side. Frustrated, Jack decided to go back to the room, hoping that the men were still there, a good portion of them were, and apparently all the danger
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Before long, the three wolves were attacking each other. Gradually, the boys got up from the ground, staggering, but they couldn't stand up for long because the black wolf attacked with such violence that it scratched them irreversibly. The young man fainted, and that situation aroused an adrenaline rush that made the others try to run away. Kurt was the first wolf to run ahead and stare into the CHAPTER 6: UNINTENTIONAL ASSAULTS faces of the boys, Jack did the same from across the room, staring at Brian. It was a split second before all the bodies fell lifeless to the floor. Filled with blood, the three wolves faced each other and intended to start a new confrontation, but the black wolf didn't seem interested; he seemed to be aware enough to do whatever he did and hurt everyone he had hurt. This was the first time Jack and Kurt had hurt a human, not only hurt but killed, and more than once, although they didn't know it, they had no conscience.The door suddenly opened, and a female
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“I never imagined something like this could happen here, horrible, so horrible I can barely talk about it,” he blurted out. Jack asked what had happened. “They didn't say much, they just said they were really hurt, a lot, no one could see much, thank goodness,” he recounted. Kurt asked what he was talking about. “The twelve of Lightning. Brian and his whole gang were killed,” he finished, walking away, leaving the boys completely upset about the situation.“What did we do?” asked Jack, rhetorically.“We didn't do anything, Jack,” Kurt said firmly. “Let's go see Cassie. She's over there,” and made his way toward her, still standing in the same position as before.“Cassie, are you okay?”, Jack questioned, noticing the state the woman was in. Pale and frightened, something he had never seen before.“Wolves,” she said, not making eye contact, still shaken by everything.“What?” asked Jack, startled, wide-eyed.“I saw wolves. I saw gray wolves,” she said, static. Now both boys were amazed,
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PRESENTThat night, Jack could do nothing but stay locked in his room, trying to distract himself and thinking about the possibility that he was a murderer. No one could know about his involvement in the case, or about Kurt. He didn't have to deal with it, they were wolves after all. Werewolves didn't exist and all of humanity knew that, there was no way to find out anything. Unless one day he was captured as a wolf and magically woke up as a human, his life would end there. He tried not to rush. He got into his notebook and looked at some news already published by the company about what had happened. On the home page, a wall had been created, but it was anonymous. The whole company began to share their grief, lamenting the death of the boys.Logged into his account, Jack tried to leave the most sincere comment he could, even though he hated them, but the guilt was too consuming for him to do anything about it. A few minutes later, he saw that Kurt had left a short text as well. Final
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It was on a night that Kurt transformed in the middle of nowhere that he met Jack for real. Jack was already transformed when he found Kurt too close to the street in the changing phase and pushed him into the woods, after the transformation was over, he approached him again and the two ran together, and hunted together. The next morning, Jack had put on his spare clothes and stood watching Kurt still unconscious, he thought that maybe it wouldn't be a problem if he knew he was a wolf too, and so he stood there, waiting for him to wake up. When he did, he just threw him some clothes and said, “I'll take you home”. After that, they started a friendship, they shared the same secret, the same mysteries, and they were no longer alone, they had to deal with it, and it was hard. When the new term started, and they were in separate rooms, they didn't think they could handle it, as they noticed a certain worsening in their condition. Now they were worried about her.A short time later, Kurt l
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As planned, Cassie waited for Jack, and he soon showed up. She had to let Kurt go since they used to have lunch together. His friend didn't ask much, but he was intrigued. Cassie had a car, but Jack considered it a kind of date, so he felt obliged to take her in his car. As they drove down to the parking lot, Jack was so nervous that his sense of smell sharpened, and he could smell the sweet aroma of her car from yards away. At least he could be sure that he wasn't stinking. It was a good day after all.Jack tried to be polite and opened the car door for Cassie. She seemed happier than in the company. She hoped he was the reason to cheer her up because that would mean he would have a chance. Close, it was as if he didn't have his problems.Sitting at a table near the window that gave a good view of the street, they placed their order. Jack ordered a hamburger with fries and Cassie ordered a portion of noodles, garlic, and oil. Jack felt a little embarrassed but remembered that men ten
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