Weapon choice

Bai Feng scanned all of the surrounding weapons with a critical eye.

He tried to get a positive sensation. And see if he was attracted to any of them by sight alone.

However, he got no such sensation. All of the weapons looked pretty good to Bai Feng, and there weren't any that he felt a certain attraction to as if they were the destined ones or something like that.

What weapon should he choose?

He wasn't sure.

Bai Feng wasn't someone who dealt with any type of tools besides cooking ones.

He was most familiar with those. But would they be useful in battle?

He decided to think a little bit about it, but the more he thought. The more he found that they couldn't be really useful.

The pan would be good at bludgeoning but not as good as a hammer. The cooking knives were sharp, but they were meant to cut dead things. Whose defenses have lowered considerably compared to when they were alive.

They just weren't tools mea

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