Master vs disciple

Ah Lam waved her hand at Bai Feng and said:

"Aren't you ready yet? Come and attack me!"

Bai Feng knew that she was trying to test him, see if he would fall for such an obvious taunt. So he kept his guard up as he thought about what move she could use.

He wasn't familiar with his masters' techniques, so he had to keep his guard and play as she said.

Predict what she could do and counter before she could do it!

Seeing how Bai Feng was already putting into practice what she told him made Ah Lam quite happy. Because it looked like Bai Feng was quite the bright student.

Any teacher would like to have a bright student as that would ease their work.

Ah Lam liked to have a challenge, but she wouldn't complain if Bai Feng learned quickly either.

She stood her ground as well as they eyed each other, waiting for any openings to appear.

Playing the waiting game could easily lead to someone getting impatient.

However, Ah Lam q

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