Working for protection and resources (Part 2)

While Jindo was daydreaming about having enough pills for his breakthroughs and the successful future of his cultivation, Bai Feng was doing his best to accumulate Qi from the surroundings into the cauldron to improve his dish's quality to a higher tier.

The location was rather macabre, but the surrounding Qi was of an extremely high concentration and quality, so even though Bai Feng didn't like the place, he realized that it was the best one for his concoctions.

A little bit of time had passed, and Bai Feng checked the formation of the dish inside the cauldron.

He could sense that the dish was forming nicely, and the Qi bursts that were gradually increasing from the cauldron even made Bai Feng take a double-take.

It even went so far that Hao Jindo couldn't help but whistle as he said lightly from the opposite room:

"That's something very strong you are concocting there my friend. Are you sure you will be able to handle all of it, even with your bo

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