Working for protection and resources (Part 1)

Hao Jindo looked to be skeptical of Bai Feng's words, but he also knew that Bai Feng wasn't the type of person to lie directly to his face, the first time they met, Bai Feng didn't tell him the truth, but he didn't lie either, the second time, he had come out clean, and told him everything.

Hao Jindo felt that he could somewhat trust what Bai Feng was saying, and considering the rumors about body cultivators, and how the Mother of Heavens seemed to hate them, it wouldn't be strange if Bai Feng was truly cursed.

Bai Feng going berserk and not differentiating from friend and foe meant he wouldn't be able to use his cooking skills.

Hao Jindo looked at Bai Feng, and then, Hao Jindo caressed his chin for a few seconds as he thought what he should do before his eye lit up and he said:

"I can loan you enough resources to get you to the Saint Realm, but after that, you will have to focus and make me at least 300 pills to pay me back, then you will still have

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