"Oria blah blah..."

       He looked. The day was just dawning. He was on a tree. At least, the branch of a tree. His eyes met with the rustic rays of the apt azure. He was conscious of what effect they would have on him. A part of him feared or did dread their ferociousness. From his part of the world, where he had came, there wasn't much of the ray there. They could simply savor the aroma. Like a figment of its projection. That was all they were opened to. That was all they could make of its pleasantries. But on the tree, twas quite different. His head was heaving a sigh. A salient sigh. He could maneuver those. He could handle those. He had been handling things greater than those. He felt a pang reaching for the tip of his consciousness. He needed time to figure out what to do. Of course twas not farfetched. Twas something he could easily come by. Shouldn't be a mill around his neck of course. He considered closely. The sky was parted in rhythmic sways. He was skeptical of what to make of them. He hadn't caught the view of such world ever. He had been living in a dungeon. If that was the best thing to say. His thoughts were strangled.

       The first thought he could snap at was where he was. He had slept on the tree after the war or rather say, battle with the foes. He hadn't ate anything. He knew quite well that his type of meal were not in that part of the universe. He was making himself feel a less stray of events. But he knew that he would adapt and yet find the best meal which would suit his hunger and soothe the remonstrations of his appetite. Back in his abode, under the earth, he did eat fallen Cherubs. The offsprings of the fallen angels. They were the most nutritious of all the meats they did know. But on earth, he would seek a substitute. He would make time spell outta its rage and he would make pawn of it. Before sleeping, he had tried to sort a place of rest. He tried the bare earth. Twas uncomforting for him. His bellicosing butts shot in an annoying sway. He was quite vexed. Then he swept fallen leaves from trees together and slept on them. Yet his sides hurt. Then he knuckled under fighting a climb on the tree he had been trying to sleep beneath. He did fall quite the numbers of times, but his tail did aid him a stance. And awaken, he was making meaning of the things he had tried to make meaning of in vain.

         He ignored the thoughts and travelled his gaze across the lanky lawn of the apt azure. The sun was setting in the West. Twas quite remote and he might had mistaken it for the ball of their monarch back in the underworld. A part of him wanted to elevate into the azure and feel what twas made of. He wanted to know what was there. He wanted to know how twas made and who made and who was behind it. He had quite the numbers of wishes to meet, but they were better off left as wishes. He didn't want to take chances. What chances were spoken of when he had no idea where he was. The lines in the sky melted his mercy. His instinct was shattered. Twas lured. He couldn't help himself anymore. He knew that and wouldn't deny the fact. But he was snapped outta his thought when a snake crawled by his legs. He looked at it.

       Firstly, he drew back his leg. Hoof of a leg. The legs were quite humane yet had the awkward claws. No sane person would call those legs. Yet twas a leg. The snake crawled by as he drew back his legs. He stopped dragging the left leg since the snake was coming to the right. Then the snake did do what he didn't expect. He had no idea what twas called in that part of the world. He was matter-of-factly a newbie there. And the realization of that kept him going or moving. All he could see was a quite thin and long creature with curvy sways dancing towards him. He was processing his thoughts. He needed to. The snake coiled. Like it made a circle figure of himself and stood its drooling head on the circular body coiled. He had no idea what it was doing. But of course he knew that twasnt going to greet him. Twasnt going to say "hey there" to him. Probably where he was laying on was its abode. And of course, if someone had tried to claim his own abode, he would also strike. The long thin with curvy sways had something in mind standing that way, and he did have something in mind leaving his other leg to it. The tongue of the creature was coming in and out of its mouth simultaneously. He didn't know whether twas salivating. He was ready for anything the creature was about to do. His lungs were erected and his thoughts channeled. It was bent on pioneering a course and hell so was he. Then at once, the creature struck. As it struck, he grabbed its head and mocked its strong displeasure canvassed by the rage of its waist and tail. Then he bit its head off and swallowed it. Twas quite sapid. Then he chewed the remaining part of its long thing body. He hoped that would do for a breakfast.

         The taste of the snake wasn't too bad on his tongue. It did turn out to be a bit of what he had expected. He slid down the big oak tree. He made a thud on the earth with face down. He hadn't calculated accurately like he had before making a meal of the long thing. He knew that that was not a best meal. He knew he would need a better meal. His stomach attested to that in a ruining rumble. He ignored and dug his claws in the soil as he fought his legs on the soil. His eyes caught something quite far from him, then he heard echoes of voices from distance. He couldn't make meaning of it. He hastened quickly towards the direction the voice was coming from. That could be another meal.

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