He drew closer to the spot but couldn't find anything. He firstly thought that his ears had jilted him by feeding him with the wrong spoon of ideas, but he wasn't sure whether or not he was the one jilting the ears. He looked from one end to the other. His hoofy legs which were bound to transformation had sundry sways on the earth. Leaves crunched under the humane leg as though twas a hoof. The claws reaching from the toes were few inches long. He wished they were longer than that. If they were, twould aid him in hunting, and of course that was of great consequence. His eyes were widened as he looked. He wasn't sure what he was seeing. His instinct probably was telling lies to him. If it was, there was pretty nothing he could do about it. He was merely and obviously a pawn. That was all he was. He wasn't more than that. He looked up at the sky again as though he was looking for what he had heard its croons or voice. Or probably the departed souls of the Centuars and Satyrs were calling him. Probably the willingness of craving of his father was pulling him. He was yet young. He was just three months old but was already fully grown. Most times he did lose track of how possible twas for him to maintain quite the numbers of things without falling by them. He thought their were greater than him which did have effect on him and had been channelling his course. He was of course grateful to the unseen force. He was bent on appraising it. He was bent on making a peace sign from it or him. A figment of his being thought it to be the one living beyond the veils he loved looking at above him. He wished one-day he would float there. He dumped his thoughts. They were of course nauseating.

        He considered the environment he was in closely. He was sure that there were quite the numbers of variations between the place and his world. Trees were everywhere in the new place and there was scarcely scattered back there. Twas like a crossroad to hell. If he did know what that was. Of course he did. Majority of the stray angels who wouldn't go to hell would meet with Heylel, their Godfather who would deport or help them with getting admitted into his own world. He knew a part of him did hate them. He didn't know why, but of course time would test it. Twas outta the hatred he had often gone to steal their kids, the Cherubs. None of them ever discovered him. At a point in tamed time, he was almost caught, but of course he fought his way around the scarred scene and twas worth it. Since as early as one month had he been quite the stray of his species. He wasn't sure of what his unusual power was. But all he knew was that, at the brim of all, he always had his ways with things. Those did matter. Really did matter. 

       He resumed his thought of the environment he was in. He did love delving from a link of thought to the other. The environment was something he would love to make apt meaning of how things did work there. He had tried to track the heaves of the darkness before the dawn. Back in the underworld, damp darkness would heave a thousand and five times before drooling dawn would make for the hay. But he hadn't been patient to listen to the heartbeat of the night. Probably because he had been exhausted by the struggle. He asked himself. If he truly hadn't arrive at that world, was there any other world where he could had escaped to? He couldn't be sure. His mental Ken fleshened the marred memory of how he had ended up in that part of the universe. He had intentionally done the taboo and pruned the anger of the gaunt and gullible gods. He had done that to be banished that he might escape and sought for new places which existed in different parts of universe. His father's tales did had the best part of him and of course he wouldn't relent. He wouldn't relent until he had tried out all the parts and figments or hemispheres which encompassed the universe. But for the meantime on that part of the earth, he would explore as wild as possible.

       The trees were clumsy. They hardly spared breathing gaps to themselves. He couldn't be sure why. Probably one would not grow far from its sibling. Unlike him who wasn't a fan of  family. His only and younger brother should take any part or all parts of his father's inheritance. He didn't care. All he cared for was exploring. For what would he do with the horns of Dionysus? His father had inherited it to have sons who would be pawns of the gods. And he wouldn't inherit such for he would seek those gods and find them as he did explore the figments of the universe. He knew that soonest, one of the gods would be interested in him and would hewn pored paths to meet him. He had no idea how and when but of course he did feel urgency of the calls and he knew how close they were. 

         Most of the trees were decked with green leaves, but back in his world, they had black leaves. He did use the leaves for his wounds. But he had never had wound since he had gotten on that part of the universe. How bout if he did have, what would he do? Would he be beaten? Would he die for he had no idea what to do and how he would he do it. Probably when he got hurt, he would find the appropriate leaf. But surely, that part of the universe was way different from his. He needed no Nymph to tell him.

      Then he had crunching of leaves behind and then deep growl. Ah! He knew his instinct would never tell lie to him. He had felt the truth. He knew he had heard a voice. Then he turned. Damn! He hadn't ever seen that creature before. Not even in the underworld.

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