UNDERGROUND: Deck of Cards

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UNDERGROUND: Deck of Cards

By: CieLbiTch OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Underground is the Top Organization around the World. It has too many Sub-Organization under it and each has the means to rule the Underground World. La Carde Clan was the one who founded the Organization and they aimed for peace and prosperity for their people. They reigned the whole Organization, proudly standing being La Carde but that changed in one night. They were swept out, totally vanished into thin air when the sun rises. They were killed in one night. An arson. The news spread like a wildfire. No one survived. That's why the next in line after La Carde, Morozov Clan took over the throne and made a rule. No one should talk about the "Massacre of the La Carde Clan" if they want to see the light of the day. They considered it taboo. As how it should be.

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DOC 01
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, and everything that concerns a living and non-living thing on Earth are all a product of the Author's wild imagination. Any resemblance to an actual person, living and dead is purely coincidental. Warning: Any typos, grammatical errors, or any kinds of errors you may encounter in this book are off of your concern as I am writing not to please everyone but to share my wild and different ideas to create something you can relate to as well as to help others to find peace and healing while reading the story. Beware of the contents of this book as there will be some offensive words and actions that are needed in the story such as violence and verbal and non-verbal sensitive parts. You may and may not proceed to the next chapter if you feel offended at some point or anything related to it. _____|AQUA LAVERDA|I am busy preparing some documents to be passed to our H
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DOC 02
|DOC 02: THE JACKS| Note: If you can notice, I am using the present tense when it's in the present time and past tenses if I am narrating what happened before the present time. Don't be confused, thank you! ____________|AQUA LAVERDA|"Are you really okay, Aqua?"I smile at Clove to assure her that I am fine after what happened. "How many times do I need to tell you that I am fine?" I ask her while showing her my arms and legs. "See? I don't have any wounds, so don't worry, Clove. I'm fine," I show her my sweetest smile that I could ever give for her to feel fine. "That was unexpected. Is there someone you know who will do this?" She asks after a while as she takes a seat on one of the beds inside the clinic where I am. "I don't have anything in mind, Clo. And for the record, I don't think there's someone who wants to kill me. Maybe it was an accident you know," I shrug my shou
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DOC 03
|DOC 03: DECK OF CARDS| |AQUA LAVERDA| I woke up at exactly five in the afternoon. It was already starting to get dark outside which was why I decided to go back into the dorm.  I can't find Clo inside the clinic so I assume that she's in her dorm now. It's not a problem for me. She also needs to rest after what happened this morning. I know she's quite stressed and worried about me and I want her to have a rest from that.  I walk through the corridors. The school clinic is located on the right side of the school library. There are two libraries; one for the college department and one located in the Main Building.  I walk with some students who have night shift classes. Though they are walking to attend their classes while I'm walking my way into my dorm.  Dorm buildings are located outside of the school premises but it's just in front of
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DOC 04
|DOC 04: FIELD| |AQUA LAVERDA| "I'm fine. Don't worry," Sometimes I am asking myself if I made the right choice to compete for the position of Student Council President. It's sometimes tiring, to be honest.  That's what I am feeling right now. I have been answering all their questions, "How are you, Ms. President?", for three hours straight since I've crossed the gate inside of the school until I entered our classroom.  "You're too famous, Ms. President!" Sarcasm is evident in Clove's voice when she takes a seat beside me. "You're just invisible," I nonchalantly say while her eyes widen with it.  "You're learning, huh? Where did you learn that kind of attitude, Ms. Aqua the oh-so-called Classy President?" I shot her a glare and she just laughs at me.  Sometimes, I just want to stitch her mouth so t
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DOC 05
|DOC 05: CLOVE LASCOVA| |AQUA LAVERDA| "Aqua, you need to get out of here!" "What- why?" I hold both of her hands. It feels cold. I can also hear her rug breathing.  "Stop asking! Let's go!"  Before we can even run, the sound of a gunshot ruins the peace of the place. The students started to panic and I can't just leave them be. "Clo, you need to go first! I'm needed here! Just go!" I'm worried about her, getting hurt in the middle of this chaos.  "No! Damn it, Aqua. I said let's go!" I didn't listen to her and pulls two students beside me when I see two arrows are about to hit them. "Ahh!" "What's happening?!" "Oh, my God!" "Naraka, Sorcha! Protect the students!" "Copy!" "Aqua Laverda! Listen to me,
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DOC 06
|DOC 06: ABANDONED PARK| |AQUA LAVERDA| ××××× "Happy Birthday, our princess! Blow your candle now, little Cenna!" My mom was holding my 11th cake with a lighted candle on top of it. "Done! Thank you, Mom and Dad!" "You're welcome, little Cenna!" "We love you!" "128√e980 too!" They just laughed at what I said. I love them too. So much. They were the ones who helped me get through everything and to stay positive. Not to shut down everyone when my world seemed to die down. They helped me a lot that I wished, they'll stay with me no matter what.  "Don't I have some visitors Mom?" I asked her before we start eating.  They looked at each other as if I can't see them. Judging by how my Mom's eyes get saddened, I knew there wasn't even one
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DOC 07
|DOC 07: CLIFF| |AQUA LAVERDA| ××××× Morning came, I was already done taking care of my daily routine preparing for a breakfast with my parents. It was already winter season that was why I was wearing thick sweaters underneath my usual clothes. I also wore my dark gray beanie over my blonde long hair. I was fixing my shoelaces when I sensed my Dad's presence. "How's life so far, honey?" From combing my hair, I looked at my Dad who was leaning on the frame of my door in my room. "It was fun, Daddy! I got to meet a lot of kids around the village!" I excitedly told him about what happened to me the moment I met Clove and Morrigan who became my friends. Even that girl, Aqui who seemed to have bad blood towards me together with her twin. Loco, who always ignore me and just fixed his glasses all the time. His brother, Uno talked a lot with Clove like they were in their separate world where they were just the two of them. And Morrigan who keeps nagging and being sarcastic to me.
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DOC 08
|DOC 08: HER DECISION| |AQUA LAVERDA| ××××× I don't know but I have a bad feeling when I noticed that her right hand was on her side. It was either she was wounded on that part or she was holding Clo on that because I couldn't find her around. I looked back only to be furious when I noticed someone's riding aback already escaping from the scene. I don't know if it was a boy or a girl but the hoodie was somewhat familiar to me. I didn't know what to think at first. If it was the one who hit us with a bicycle that caused me to stumble and be stepped on my left leg by Clo's bicycle or to think of a solution how will we get ourselves on the brink of death? "Aqua, help!" I was pulled back from my deep thoughts as I glanced at Morri who was struggling to grip the broken part of the barricade. It was already swaying and I was afraid, it will break because of the weight clinging onto it. "Wait! I'm coming!" I shouted back before trying my best to crawl out from my place. I was try
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DOC 09
|DOC 09: ACES| |AQUA LAVERDA| It was a painful memory. The death of Arivona Clove Lascova as well as the death of Clover "Clove" Ari Cross. Funny how they have the same name and how they were already dead at the same time. Funny how I wish I'll never get to meet a person who has 'Clove' as her name. Because they'll just end up dead for some reason. Whether an accident or plotted. "Aqua!" I calmly glance to my right when a woman's voice reaches my hearing. "Morri...," my lips form a gentle smile as I watch her walk towards me. I was getting fresh air in the garden here in the dorm after getting discharged from the hospital three days ago when suddenly she called me. "Hey!" I gently greet her while tapping the space next to me as I am leaning my back at the tree behind. "Hi! You look like you've been carrying the whole world on top of your shoulders," she kids like she always does. "You mean, I look pretty much better after everything," I smile at her and rest my
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DOC 10
|DOC 10: QUEEN AQUI| |AQUA LAVERDA| My forehead creases in annoyance when someone continues to knock on my door nonstop. I didn't get to sleep earlier because I was still coping with the new environment and atmosphere of my new room. I was like, I slept around 0130 in the morning! Furrowing my brows, I open my eyes. "Ms. President?" As fast as the lightning flash through my eyes, I get up from my bed which causes my head to ache a bit but I didn't mind it. I caress my arms as I feel cold after hearing the voice of the man who's knocking on my door. "Y-Yes?" My voice is kind of hoarse because I just woke up from less than two hours of sleep. Dang, it's only three AM! What's their problem?! "Gun asks us to go to the meeting room downstairs. You only have five minutes to prepare, Ms. President," blinking my eyes, I can only hear his footsteps fading in my ears. Meeting? At three AM?! Crazy. I grab anything that I can in my closet as I am running out of time. After exact
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